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27.74 weeks

-I could take a caramel bath anytime of the day.  I wake up thinking about caramel and watermelon but not together.  Actually, I might have to try that. -I am sleeping through the night again, no more forcing Billy to wake up to play Angry Birds on our iPad at 3 in the morning with … Continue Reading

The First Day of Summer

I wanted to get a picture of my favorite pump teacher for you because she is just that awesome.  The woman is in her fifties and is ripped, lean and lifts way more than I ever have.  She comes up with the most creative moves which always keeps things interesting…for example when I was trying … Continue Reading

Just what the doctor ordered…..

After the bummer race yesterday (I am totally allowed to be overly dramatic about stuff like this) the day’s events were exactly what I needed.  We went home and napped/zoned out in front of the tv for a few hours which was completely necessary and once we were coherent and ready to be real people … Continue Reading