We sure know how to live it up on the weekends.


Long run- Check

Eat a delicious sandwich– Check

Go to Costco (yes, we were there 12 hours earlier also) to get samples of red velvet cupcakes- Check

Photo copy 2

Since my crazy packed to-do list was all completed I decided to pamper myself after doing so much by spending the rest of the day at home on the couch.

DSC 1313

My brother-in-law and his girlfriend are in town this weekend from Idaho so my sister and her kids came over to hang out for a few hours also to run around and eat skittles.  Perfection.

We did leave the house to go to Redbox a little later on and I stumbled upon Billy’s car snacks stash.  Soyjoy bars in the door and

Photo copy

gu in the glove compartment.  At least he would be able to survive a few hours if he ever got stranded in his car, I personally have put together a food storage in my car (complete with desserts) in which I could survive at least 2 weeks off of.


Moment of silence for these:

DSC 1314

I have figured out that if I mention my craving over and over again to the people around me throughout the day that they too will eventually crave what I am wanting.  I have missed having my bro in law living with us because he makes the BEST waffles ever, so last night I got him to make them again.

He adds a ton of cinnamon and vanilla to the batter, they are extra crispy and especially good with three strawberries per bite.

DSC 1316

We ate while watching the moving Abduction (with Jacob from the Twilight movies) and I fell asleep within the first 25 minutes.  Billy said the movie was written for 16 year old girls so I guess I will just have to watch it later today because that sounds just about right for my maturity level.


What are three things on your to-do list today?

Do you have any food stashes in your car?  What?

What are you ‘craving’ today?

Did you stay in or go out this weekend?

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I love that you went to Costco twice!


To Do list today is church and cleaning! My Saturday consisted of laying on the couch suffering from flu-like symptoms, so our house is a mess!! After moving to Charleston, I decided we HAVE to become members at Costco after seeing all the wonderful things you people blog about! Possibly on the agenda for this afternoon. My current craving? Big JUICY strawberries, thanks to you!!


That little curly-haired girl just kills me! What a cutie. My sister sent me a video of my little niece (not quite 2) singing “You Are My Sunshine” to me in the bathtub, all the way from Canada. I cried for about 10 minutes! You are so lucky to have those little ones so close by!

It’s Sunday night here so no ‘to-dos’ other than go to bed! But it was a lovely, relaxed weekend full of cooking for my friends, reading running magazines and enjoying a foot massage! Bliss!


Those strawberries look so juicy!!! I love strawberries.
Three things on my to-do list today are hopefully some sort of exercise, tan on the beach, and eat :)
I don’t have any stashes in my car, but always have something in my purse!
I am craving coffee right now, but I’m drinking it so I don’t know if that counts haha.
I’m on vacation so staying in AND going out!


I used to have stashes in my glove compartment of Clif bars haha. Now that I live in Brooklyn and don’t really drive anymore I can’t do that unfortunately. But now whenever I leave the house I always bring a bar with me just in case so its kind of the same thing!


My to dos for today
-go for a walk with my sister before it gets too got
-buy a fan and install it (notice a theme?)
-eat a sandwich…craving!

Have a great Sunday!


Janae! Sorry I haven’t commented in a while! No worries, I’m still reading your blog and SO EXCITED for HRG baby!

But let’s get back to the important subject..Costco is THE BEST. Too often my dad says “Costco for lunch anyone?” and by that he means, let’s hit up the samples until we’re too full to even buy anything :)


I got some stuff already done on my to-do list this morning! I got the laundry sorted. But I have yet to clean the kitchen and go grocery shopping.
I used to have food stashes in my car- like granola bars but when I’d eat them after a run, the crumbs would go EVERYWHERE and my car looked like a junk wagon soon:) So I decided just to eat them at home…dangerous to be eating and driving but sometimes you can’t help it!
I could go for some meat today…like beef. That’s what I’m craving!
We’ll be going out!


3 things on my to do list today:

1) Do the last Body For Life workout…72 workouts done and dusted
2) Reply my bff’s email
3) Clean my closet

1 out of 3 done….not bad :)


I always have a stash of food in my purse!
Im running a 10k race this morning and I can’t wait for pancakes afterwards!! I’ve been craving pancakes for a long time!


After reading this post, now I’m craving strawberries!


What’s better than red velvet cupcakes?! ;)


Running and showering (though washing my hair is not on that list..)

Oh yes to the food stashes. Dark chocolate covered Reeses. I like the milk better. I bought the dark to be ‘healthy,’ idiot, after trying one (and enjoying it, but simply not as much as the original) it hit me: you’re still eating a Reeses, go all out you fool. I keep even bigger stashes in my purses though of granola/protein bars. I cannot stand it when I’m out and hunger strikes; I must have a go-to snack at all times

I’m craving smoothies. Ice cream. Cold things. It’s supposed to get up to 100 here today!

Did you stay in or go out this weekend?


Gym, brunch and house cleaning!
No food stashes in my car right now, sometimes I have gum but that is all.
Water. haha. I am so thirsty, I don’ think I drank enough yesterday and ate a lot of sweets.
Stay in mainly, we had friends over for a BBQ last night :)


Those waffles sound AMAZING!!!


I loved Abduction. And yes, the only reason I went to see it was because Taylor Launter was in it ;)


Hanging out at the parents’ house with so my 1-year-old can see Gigi, Poppy, and her Uncle Jeff, eating all their food, and holding down their couch while they chase my little one around. Everyone will be happy! :)

We stayed in this weekend, except for little errands close to home. I’m seriously craving a drippy, spicy, sandwich of some sort. Don’t know if it’s my pregnancy because I always crave things! We’ll blame it on the pregnancy though so maybe someone will feel sorry for me and go get me one!


I don’t have any food in my car. I did have a couple of harvest powerbars, but they were in there for at least 3 years. So I just recently threw them away.

Things on my to-do list today is be nice to myself – PR’ed by 15 minutes in my half yesterday. Hot tub, and hydrate. Go for a walk or make the BF drive to Idaho City to watch the Exergy bike race.


Today I am craving cheddar cheese. A slice of cheese with an apple is delightful.

Also, something funny (among many things) about Abduction: at no point in the movie is anyone abducted. It’s a case of a highly misleading title.


Yum! I just love red velvet cupcakes. My to do list today? Monterey Aquarium and spa. I might even throw in a workout in the fitness room overlooking the Pacific Ocean. No, I don’t normally live like this. On vacation and loving every moment : )


I am now craving strawberries, girl. Those look DELICOUS!


Costco jumped on the red velvet band wagon!? Need to head up to mine asap since red velvet is my favorite thing in the world :D
Seems like your method works to get what you are craving! All I want right now is peanut butter


You take great food photos. That is definitly not my forte. I made some de-lish tasting and looking stuffed red bell peppers last night. The picture made it look like some nasty slop. I won’t be sharing those pictures any time soon.

We stayed in this weekend. I did manage to get a sunburn by eating lunch on the patio yesterday. It was so stinking nice out and I didn’t want to go inside.

I don’t have a to-do list today. I got all my “domestic duties” done yesterday so I can do more sitting outside the rest of the weekend. It is very strange not having a to do list. I love lists.

I don’t have any food stashes in my car. If I know there is food around me I will eat it. My husband has this little safety kit in the trunk of his car that has flashlights and granola bars. I was really surprised by this until he told me his mom gave it to him. I knew there was no way on Earth he put that together himself!


We went to Costco yesterday. I tried to bribe the kids to go on a two-mile walk there and two-mile walk back to have pizza in the middle. They were totally game. I then realized how horrible it would be when they crapped out a quarter-mile into the return trip…provided we ever made it there. We drove and took the pizza to the park.

For years I had an awesome snack/stuff stash in my car. Then we ate/used it all up and I have forgotten to replace it. But…there are enough cheerios and busted pretzels on the floor of the car for our entire family to live off of for at least a week.


hmmmmm. to-do list… 1: buy wedding gifts at bed bath and beyond. 2: make sangria. 3: go on a date. (did i mention how ecstatic i am with this 3-day weekend???)

cravings are ok right now. the only thing i keep coming back to is the justin’s maple almond butter i bought last night at target. i understand what all the fuss was about now.

my weekend is alternating between watching movies on my new tv sprawled out on my bed, and my parents’ house to lay in the sunshine by the pool. :-)


On my t0-do list today:
1.) get in a good run
2.) lay out by the pool with cold beverage in hand
3.) attend BBQ this afternoon
…clearly I’m super busy today ;)

I have a package of almonds in the door right now, and always something in my bag, purse, hand, etc. Eating in the car is a fav hobby

Craving a grilled veggie cheeseburger today! (see #3 on to-do list)

I worked a 12-hour night shift last night (7pm-7am) so technically I was out of the house but wouldn’t consider it actually “going out.” Cheers to a 3-day weekend though!!


We had a great weekend in downtown Atlanta. :) We ate at this place called Vortex burger and Brandon got the Elvis burger … it had peanut butter, bacon, and fried bananas. Obviously my love for peanut butter and banana has rubbed off on him. I’m so proud. ;)


My to-do list is over the top this weekend. I *may* have over planned – especially since my daughter is still sick and just wants to cuddle on the couch watching Backyardigans. I am running a half marathon tomorrow. And I’m making a fiesta chicken salad from the Better Homes and Garden cookbook. I am craving spicy food and I’m hoping this will hit the spot.


those waffles look delicious! I’m ignoring my to do list… oops.


Ha! I loved Abduction. Ok, maybe I just love Taylor Lautner.

Looks like you’re having an awesome weekend.


Wow! Those velvet cupcake “samples” are huge! I would camp at Costco if there is one here in NZ.


My sister has been randomly craving poppy seeds (random cravings seriously run in the family) for the past few days and so today we set out to bake a poppy seed roll! Delicious.

Costco twice in a 12 hour span is 100% acceptable. No shame!


What are three things on your to-do list today?
Work a few hours. check
Shop for my daughter’s 8th grade graduation dress. check
Buy more coffee creamer! check

Do you have any food stashes in your car? What? No, but my purse is another story. I always have a packet of oatmeal, granola/energy bar and a piece of fruit at least.

What are you ‘craving’ today? Roasted sweet potato. It’s in the oven right now!

Did you stay in or go out this weekend? Little bit of both.


Red velvet cupcakes are the best!!

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