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Natural or Epidural?

24 weeks!  Also known as 6 months.  Also known as a lot of days (too tired to figure out how many days). As I tried to think about the changes that have gone on this week I really couldn’t think of very many.  The only thing that comes to mind is how much better this … Continue Reading

Running/food questions and finally a run!!!

Instead of using Krispy Kremes to fix my sadness if my run had gone bad this morning, I had Krispy Kremes to CELEBRATE!!! I ran 4 miles this morning and it felt heavenly! My ankle area was a little sore but there was no pain and a few hours later it still feels completely normal. … Continue Reading

A tempo workout and the start of a new season.

When Billy texted me yesterday that he was going to go on his tempo run while I was still at school I begged him to wait another hour so that I could come with him.  Better believe I whipped out 5 miles @ a 6:45 pace on our favorite little carless road……. Oops, I forgot … Continue Reading