The night I ran on an extremely full stomach.

It was meant to be that we waited until Saturday to go to Costco…


There was a line for the cheesecake table of happiness.  When I got to the front I started rubbing my stomach and talking about how the baby couldn’t choose and so the sample man hooked me up with multiple samples.  This is really working out nicely.  I did not sample the Reese’s topped cheesecake, I seriously don’t know if I will ever be able to eat pb again.

Best item picked up from Costco (besides grapes) was a 4 lb box of Wheat Thins.  Let’s see if it lasts the week especially now that I have a new tub of cottage cheese to dip it into.

After some relaxing at home I went to meet up with my sis and her kiddos for dinner at a pizza buffet.  Curly was grumpy for the first 10 minutes but then she snapped out of it.

IMG 9791

I might get a part time job this summer and I have been thinking about becoming a professional salad builder.  What do you think, should I apply?  Actually come to think about it, I think I will continue my usual summer routine of pool, gym, ice cream, run.

IMG 9793

If the noodles are green that means they are healthy and full of spinach and other nutrients;)

IMG 9794

Of course you can’t skip the cheese.

IMG 9795

Pretty much obsessed with these little ones.

Photo copy

Even though I was beyond stuffed Billy wanted to do a shake-out run last night because it helps to speed up recovery when you do it the same day as your long run.  In case you didn’t know, running within 30 minutes of a Thanksgiving feast hurts more than you can imagine.  2 miles at a 9:06 pace, 13 miles total for the day.

I will be taking full advantage of my rest day today and won’t be leaving home unless it is to go to my mom’s for her to feed me.


Will you be leaving the house today?  Where to?

Do you ever run at night (when it is dark)?

-I haven’t since Christmas break and besides being stuffed it was awesome, it just feels more adventurous. It helped me to fall asleep afterwards in .05 seconds rather than the usual 3 seconds.

What is your absolute favorite breakfast food/meal (health, cost and sugar content do not apply in this question).

Cheesecake, chocolate cake, carrot cake, funfetti cake or angel food cake with fresh cut up strawberries and whipped cream?

-I will go with angel food cake.

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way to go – I tried to use my pregnancy as an excuse to eat everything in sight. That cheesecake table looks amazing :) I love curly and … we call the other one straight? ;) anyway, I think the other one looks like you a lot.

I want summers off…..maybe I should go become a teacher


haha. Nice. Curly and Straight. I wish everything just had a “like” button.


I know!


That’s a lot of cheesecake at Costco–I wish we had one around here.

I have never ran at night–too scared!

I am an oatmeal girl. But I know I could have breakfast foods for every meal and would be a very happy camper;-)

Enjoy your rest day Janae! And your cottage cheese and wheat thins;-)


Good morning Janae, hope you have a fabulous day.
I think I’m not going to leave house for any special matter. Today is not very exciting for me. All I can do is staying home and watching TV.
Yes, I usually run at nights. I think night is more beautiful than day and quieter also.You can enjoy colorful lights and beautiful scenes of that time.You can see the sky full of stars and think about how mighty the God is.That’s why I mostly prefer to run at nights.
My favorite breakfast is chocolate cake, chocolate milk, hot chocolate and generally whatever contains chocolate and cacao. Wish you success.Take care!


Haha every summer my mOm buys angel food cake and tons and tons of fresh strawberries, but we always ignore the cake and eat mountains of fruit. I always tell her to stop buying the cake but she cant get it in her head because then its not a legit dessert. But it is…so I choose angelfood cake minus the cake :)

I never run at night because I run by my lonesome but I think it would be lots of fun

Enjoy your lazy Sunday. I’ll be at church then off to the parents for the day :)


Well I am heading out now to get my long run done. I didn’t know that about the shake out run. Does it only work if its the same day or can you run the next day? Good to know!
After my run tho I won’t be leaving my house :))

Even tho the city is busy here at night I don’t like to run in the dark. Unless I know I am totally safe it just freaks me out.

Favorite breakfast food would be Eggs Benedict( I never get it tho) otherwise hands down Lucky Charms. But I could eat that for any meal.

I am adding one, German Chocolate Cake. I know you said chocolate but the German makes it so much better!
Happy Sunday


I need to find someone here who comes over and makes me go run with them.


I was craving carrot cake yesterday so I am saying carrot cake.

Favorite breakfast is my mom’s french toast, however this morning I am craving egg on english muffin with jelly.

Leaving the house to go to the mall. I need a couple of spring break snazzies for next week.


Ohhhh cheesecake samples :) YUM! I will be leaving the house today, I have an appointment to get my butt handed to me by my trainer!!
My favorite breakfast meal would be my husbands banana chocolate chip pancakes with bacon on the side. Best breaksat/lunch/dinner ever.
Enjoy your rest day :)


No PB?! I’m hoping you can eat it again one day ;)
I had the best PB and chocolate pie last night…and I’m no pie fan. Ate it in bed at midnight haha.
Yup I’m going to the gym, a baby shower and my mother in laws!
No night runs for me!
I love all breaky foods but my favorite might be French toast…or pancakes depends on the day, too indecisive!
I’m not a cake girl but angel food cake with berries but no whipped cream!


Holy cheesecake- that right there is my heaven! I last ran at night in the Botanic Gardens in Singapore and it was definitely one of my all time favorite running experiences! You would have been proud of my Sunday i.e. rest day: sleep, eat, massage, eat, sleep, eat, sleep :)!


I love running in the dark! I do not, however, enjoy running on a full stomach, but have done so on occasion.


ewww did I read that right? You have cottage cheese with wheat thins?

When I first started running in 2007 I did it at night. One day some teenagers decided it would be fun to follow me in their car so I made my husband follow me with his car when he wasn’t running with me. Well he got tired of doing it and so I switched to running.

My favorite breakfast would be a western omelette with hash browns and french toast.

I used to love cheese cake but one day I ate too much of it and got sick. Its been 6 years now and every time I look at a cheese cake I feel sick. So chocolate cake all the way. (I always warm mine in the microwave and have some ice cream on the side)

Unfortunately I have to leave the comfort of my seat to go to my mother in laws house for Macaroni Sunday (We do this every Sunday). It’s free food so I shouldn’t complain.


My husband and I recently ran at night and it was beautiful! We live in the country with no street lights, full moon and only our flashlights if we saw a car.
I eat cereal or oatmeal every day but I love waffles or pancakes !


Not fair, I swear every time I go to costco they only have fruit or soup samples. I want cake or goodies! Maybe because the last few times I have been have been weekdays.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be leaving the house today…maybe a quick workout and grocery shopping then back to the couch :)

Enjoy your rest day!


Yes, I finally left the house. I spent about 3 hours too many in bed this morning.

We missed breakfast, so we went out for lunch and ate in the sunshine. Lunch was followed by froyo and a couple hours at the office. I may venture out again in a bit for a walk with the dogs.

Carrot cake, or funfetti. Cheesecake is not my thing…


I’d probably go with carrot cake. I made carrot cake cupcakes once with this lemon cream cheese frosting that was amaaazing!
Your nieces are adorable!!!!!!!!


I would have to say my favorite bf is french toast right now.. I love breakfast in general though, favorite meal of the day!
Your salad looks beautiful!


I almost always run at night due to working during the day. Weekends are mornings.


I love going to Cosco or Whole Foods on the weekends….so many amazing samples! Haven’t you heard that calories consumed from free samples don’t count?? Haha, that’s what I tell myself, anyways : )

I enjoy running at night (although I usually don’t). It’s just so peaceful! I hate running on a full stomach, though…gives me horrible heartburn.


I love night running, but it makes my husband nervous. He should just start running with me!

Chocolate cake is THE best!!! Favorite breakfast is the chikfila bagel sandwich with a giant OJ.


You didn’t taste the one cheesecake I wanted to know most about! Guess I will just have to buy one myself. ;-)

I have to leave the house at some point today. I may go to work. I may go for a run. But I have to pick up my girls from their Spring Break trip today for sure. And they can’t return soon enough! Our cats are so lonely without them here to entertain them. They are driving me nuts! Especially our Maine Coon kitten. He won’t stop “talking!”

I don’t run at night because I usually run alone. If I run in the dark at all, it’s in the mornings with my running group.

Favorite breakfast food is the Gorgonzola Omelet from my favorite breakfast place here.

Chocolate Cake! Always. Or chocolate cheesecake!!


I will NOT be leaving the house today. It will be a miracle if I leave the COUCH today. Happy Sunday! :)


Oh goodness … probably carrot cake, followed by funfetti. But that’s a tough one.

We already left the house to go to church. We were volunteering this morning, which means we had to be there earlier than normal. We just got home about 20 minutes ago, and I immediately stuffed my face. Waiting until 1:45 to eat lunch is never a good thing for me. ;)


I don’t tend to run at night; I find I am much better in the mornings. My favorite breakfast food is either oatmeal or peanut butter on toast. I know that is boring but otherwise it doesn’t feel like breakfast. As far as the cakes go, carrot cake all the way (and it’s got vegetables in it so it must be healthy, right?)


What a great way to use your pregnancy to your advantage!! ;) love that.


oh my word, i HATE running with a full belly, that 9 min/pace i think would equate to at least 7 min pace sans foodage…hehe. :) wow, i think that Costco in UT needs to send a message down to the ones in CA that they seriously need to up their sample quota and get on the full cake spread table! u shoulda devoured the whole thing. :) have a wonderful sunday!


Mmmmm cheesecake! I make this yummy lemon cheesecake with blueberries and it’s tasty! And…. now I think I need to make it!!


You actually are a pretty good salad maker, and this is coming from someone who loves salads too. They are never dull when it comes to you.

I actually love running at night. Sometimes if I have a bad day running at night is the only thing that makes things start to seem better. I just try to keep to the main roads to be safer.


Cheesecake happiness! Yum! I left the house for church and then back home! Relaxing day. :)


Wait. Stop right there. Costco has Reese’s cheesecake????!!!!?????!!!!???!!!


Your salads always look amazing. You could be a professional salad builder anytime for me! :) The cheese bread made me drool a little bit, too, I cannot lie.

I ran ONE TIME on an extremely full belly. I had Waffle House for breakfast and enjoyed some cheese eggs, hash browns, and raisin toast about 20 minutes before heading out for a 7 mile run. Needless to say, I finished the run stumbling down the road, clutching my side and crying while whimpering, “Please stop! Please stop!” Never again!



For lunch we took the kids to the Twisted Root! It’s a local hamburger joint with excellent milkshakes. I haven’t ran at night since college. I love running at night, but for safety purposes, try to stick with the treadmill in the evenings if I feel like running. I love Everything Bagel breakfast sandwich with bacon, eggs and cheese. I love German Chocolate cake!


That salad looks yummy! Ive always wondered what peas taste like topped on a salad. My fave breakfast food is eggs!! Oh and funfetti cake allll the way! I agree running at nite can be fun sometimes but I love me some morning runs.


I am definitely going to an all-you-can-eat salad bar place this week. That salad looks amazing! I will have to see if they even offer Goldfish as a topping ;)


I think your costco must be waaaay cooler than mine. We never get cheesecake samples!

I try not to exercise after dark, just because I think it is less safe (harder for cars to see you, more crime, etc.) and I don’t have anyone to go with.

My favorite breakfast is oatmeal with banana slices and pb (I hope I don’t hate pb if I ever get pregnant, because it makes up about 75% of my diet.)


oh gosh, I think I’d either throw up or not be able to run because of cramping if I ate right after a big meal! Haha clearly you’re a runner!


After I did my 18 mile run I proceeded to sit in my hammock for a while. Then when I decided that I wanted to move, I just moved a few feet away and then laid on the couch. Favorite breakfast is a huge bagel (mixed berry) with lots of cream cheese. And chocolate cake!


serendipitous trip to costco! i wish i had an excuse to eat one of each.


WOW I can’t believe you ran on a full stomach!!!


My favorite breakfasts are chocolate chip pancakes, stuffed French toast, and eggs benedict! Love them all!

I would choose angel food cake with fruit. :)


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