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Billy wants to name our baby Bolt

I took 198 photos at the track meet today.  I was in running paradise and wanted to capture every move they made. Miles Batty (above) didn’t quite hit his sub 4 minute mile yesterday:(  He ran 4:04… close!! The only other man to run a sub 4 in Utah was there announcing which was pretty … Continue Reading

Interview with the Running Nutritionist

I had the coolest opportunity a few weeks ago, I got to talk to Lisa Dorfman (aka THE RUNNING NUTRITIONIST) over the phone I was able to ask her all sorts of questions.  She has ran a total of 34 marathons with a 2:52 pr and she is also a professional triathlete.  The interview was … Continue Reading

Something for your bucket list and a track meet.

I bet you can guess what my favorite thing was at our school’s carnival last night….  (you are welcome for the blurry photo) I officially had the fastest time of the night, I promise I am not even exaggerating and I had some tough competition.  I have mastered the art of eating donuts and practice … Continue Reading