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What’s Your Style?

Gotta love coming to school with wet hair.  I was shivering all day but I guess that is better than getting fired for showing up with day 10 hair.  I tried to use the air vents in my car to dry it a little but it didn’t exactly work on my 7 minute commute. Earlier … Continue Reading

Weight Gain and Pregnancy.

If you are a long time reader of my blog then you may know that I gave up weighing myself a little over a year ago.  Throughout college and up until last year I weighed myself every. single. day.  That silly number either made me super grumpy or super happy but most of the time … Continue Reading

Time to really start modifying things and RIPPING my shoulders.

After school I started to take a nap sprawled out on the couch (making it so that Billy had to sit completely still and not move a muscle) and my phone rang and woke me up….how rude.  So instead of spending my life napping I decided to go hang with my sister and go for … Continue Reading