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How I save money:

Sometimes you just have to make huge sacrifices in your life. For example: Instead of going to Dairy Queen 4 nights a week like I really want, I only go 2 nights a week and on the other nights I make my own Blizzard at home. PS you would think that 1 gallon of ice … Continue Reading

18 Weeks and Double Duty Foods

So technically I am 18 weeks at midnight tonight but who’s counting?  2 more weeks until we are half way and 21 days until we find out if it is a boy or a girl! Changes this week: -I can no longer even think about eating guacamole.  The workers at Costa Vida (my friends because … Continue Reading

A Date at the Track

I absolutely positively cannot and will not turn down the B$ when he invites me on a track date.  It is the perfect situation because I feel like we are still running together even though we only run together during his recovery 800s.  I did impress myself with 6 miles with an average pace of … Continue Reading