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You ARE a Runner!!!

Turns out that all of your get well wishes healed me and I woke up feeling a lot better than yesterday, still a little weird but so much better! Can I tell you how awesome it is to go to stores while everyone else is at work?  I am so used to going at the … Continue Reading

17 WEEKS!!!

Please excuse my ‘I just woke up after 12 hours of sleep (seriously) yet I still look tired’ look:)  Oh and PS we have asked the land lord for new carpet but she wants to keep the home in its original state from when it was built over a hundred years ago. Now I won’t … Continue Reading

A Post

You know you aren’t feeling good when: 1. You skip out on going to your FAVORITE workout class ever (turbo kick) that you were supposed to go to with Megan. 2.  When your temperature is 100.7….actually does that mean I have a fever?  My brain is too fuzzy right now to even google it. 3. … Continue Reading