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58 tangent tuesday.

There are way too many tangents today so get ready for a long ride, stretch your scrolling fingers before you start reading. 1.  Billy spoke directly to my love language last night.  I added a love language to the list and that would be television. Flowers and chocolate sure are nice but what is even … Continue Reading

Hunger Games Winners

The winners of the YOGURTLAND HUNGER GAMES movie tickets are: Email me asap girls so that I can get you your tickets!

The positive outweighs the negative.

Let’s get the negative out of the way first.  #1….my hairspray exploded in my suitcase on the way home from California.  Let’s be honest, I am materialistic, it made me pretty upset that my favorite leather jacket is now ruined (it is all over the front and warped the material).  BOO, I even put the … Continue Reading