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Part 2: The Gala, The Awards and Delicious Food

After the press conference SR and Monica came over to our hotel and we had a big makeup/hairspray/spanx/snacking on apples party before heading over to a pre-party VIP event. Thanks Monica for letting me steal your pictures. My heart stopped beating when I saw Abdi Abdiraham and thank goodness for SR because she started a … Continue Reading

Cravings and Aversions.

I think when Billy first found out that I was pregnant his biggest concern was the cravings that I was going to have and what he was about to have to endure in regards to them. Since the day he met me he has always had to deal with me coming up with some random … Continue Reading

Talking with my heroes: Part 1

Hello friends. ┬áJust sitting in the airport (no internet I might add) listening to the Dixie Chicks (yes, I still love them and have a shirt that I wear from their concert back in the 90’s) while eating some McDonald’s oatmeal (which is surprisingly good, probably because there is more sugar in it than a … Continue Reading