Triple Tangent Tuesday!!!


2 miles treadmill….my legs were aching so I listened to them and moved onto cross-training.

45 minutes elliptical.  I was bored to death.  Next cross-training day will you guys please come work out with me and entertain me.

20 minutes stairclimber.


A brilliant reader (who is much better at english than I am) suggested doing Triple Tangent Tuesday and I love it….it sounds SO much better.  So here goes, three completely random/awkward/strange things about me and my life.  Feel free to do it on your blog… is a great way to get to know each other.

1. I am not on Facebook very often because I love blogging and twitter so much more but I always post my race times after a race on my Facebook status.  I do this because of ONE person that I am friends with on facebook.  In my 9th grade english class we went around the room talking about our life goals.  I said my goal was that I wanted to run a marathon someday.  This boy (I will not name names so that no one goes to beat him up) said, “You’re too big (I matured very early), you could never do that.”

I post my races on Facebook so that he see’s that I ran a marathon in his newsfeed.  In your face _ _ _ _ _.   I clearly don’t seek out revenge.


I do not post the pictures on facebook because then he would have another reason to make fun of me…working on that posture and my facial expressions. Don’t worry.

2.  I could eat tomatoes like an apple. I just bite right into them.  I always take Billy’s tomatoes….he is crazy sauce and doesn’t like them.

The End 29.jpg

3.  If I am wearing a hooded jacket I always wear the hood even if I am inside (unless I am at work, they get mad at me).  It must be some weird security issue that I have or maybe I am just always cold and covering my head keeps the heat stay in.

California 292.jpg

Maybe, I would be warmer if I didn’t eat so much ice cream.



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Do you remember getting made fun of as a kid or have you blocked it out of your memory?

-I try to forget but being called a poo-poo head is very traumatic.  I am actually kind of grateful that boy said what he did because sometimes I am driven by people telling me I can’t do something.

What is your FAVORITE thing that has tomatoes in it?

-I love lasagna that has big thick chunky tomatoes surrounded by cheese and noodles.  Oh, I could also live off of pico de gallo.


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