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Increasing Your Running Stride Rate=You Will Be Faster

On Sunday night I actually scheduled my workouts for the week, it is a miracle.  First workout of the week= 6 a.m. Monday pump class.  The class was tough and during a set of plie squats (after 20 minutes of other leg exercises) my legs were shaking so much it was funny and embarrassing and … Continue Reading

Miss Representation Follow-Up

There were a few things that I thought about this morning that I had to add to what was said in the previous post.  A little more about the issue: (source) So WHAT?  What can we do now?  How can we change the misrepresentation of women? 1.  Support each other.  The media tears us down … Continue Reading

Miss Representation

Last night I had an incredible opportunity to go see Miss Representation with two of my best teacher friends (I consider them my best teacher friends, I wonder if they feel the same? They better now after I brought them My Little Pony fruit snacks). (PS you will never see my room this clean again…my … Continue Reading