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Chobani Giveaway [CLOSED]

The awesome people at Chobani sent me some delicious greek yogurt. They sent me 3-32 ounce containers: 0% plain, 2% plain and 0% vanilla.  I am in heaven and have already dug into all three (don’t worry Billy, I got a new spoon out for each bite that I ate straight from the container…looks like … Continue Reading

Healthy Lasagna and Motivation

Look at us go.  Not eating out on a non-school night and making something healthy(ish).  My sister apologizes for the half-smile, she says she was hangry. Sister’s Health(ish) Lasagna (added bonus is that it is ridiculously easy and vegetarian): 1 box whole wheat noodles 1 jar of Chunky Garden Combination Ragu Sauce 16 ounces of … Continue Reading