Saving Time (running)!!

All I can remember from today:

Alarm @ 5 a.m.

Goodbye slobbery kisses from Charlie (in-law’s dog).

Napping and finding drool from me or Charlie (I still don’t know) on my jacket.

A piece of leftover pizza from last night.

IMG 0784

Convincing Billy that boys should like listening to an hour straight of Sarah McLachlan and proving to him that I do in fact know every lyric to H to the Izzo by Jay-Z

Candy eating with my main squeeze. I even let him have first choice for sucker flavor.

IMG 0785

Coming home to a clean house thanks to the above sunglass wearing stud for cleaning before we left.


The cutest Kelsey sent in some pictures after her FIRST MARATHON, the Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa, OK.


“One of my friends told me that the marathon would change my life and I didn’t believe him until it happened, and it really did!!”




I guess I did do one worthwhile thing in the car today and I bet you can guess what that was, yep…..reading about running.  My latest reading addiction would be, Runner’s World: “Complete Guide to Running.”    There was an awesome list of ways to save time so that you can still get in a quality/awesome workout in during this busy season.  They listed four steps that can save you 7-10 minutes in the morning, aka your five-mile run just turned into a six-mile run.

1.  Think Ahead! Get everything ready to go the night before.  Loosen your shoe laces so that you can just slide your feet in and make sure everything is out together in a pile so you aren’t running back and forth from your room to the laundry room (which is really hard for me because my laundry room is all the way at my mom’s house).

2. Get ready for breakfast. Have your ingredients for your smoothie ready to just throw in the night before.  I always make my egg sandwich the night before and eat it straight from the fridge on my way out the door…mmmmmm cold eggs and bread;)

3. Hold off on the stretches. “Don’t spend time stretching cold muscles before you train.  Instead, walk briskly for a few minutes, then jog slowly to start your run.”

4.  Run Before You Talk.  If you meet people to run or workout with…..start working out and then talk. “You meet your running partners and start talking while doing some lame trunk twists as a warm-up.  Don’t do it.  Say hello (it’s only polite), and start jogging slowly into your run.  Talk then, before the pace picks up.”

***Added bonus from me:  Don’t get ready for work (but DO brush your teeth….if you still want a job).  This tip saves me at least an hour everyday.


Any tips to add to help save time in the morning?  What about for you evening worker-outers/runners…..any tips to save time?

How often do you run/workout with somebody else?  Do you talk throughout the workout?

-I usually run with my sis once a week and Billy once a week.  I am definitely a running chatter box except when I am trying to keep up witih Billy and my lungs feel like they are going to explode.

Do you eat breakfast at home, at work, at school, in the car?

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I’ve only run with someone else a few times, but it definitely makes the mileage go by much faster!


I wish I had good tips for saving time in the morning – goodness knows I could use some!! I try my very best to have everything “piled” together so that I can grab and go, but I invariably spend several minutes spinning in circles, looking for the other glove, the other shoe, etc…

Since I’m the early-squirrelly runner among my running buddies, I always run alone during the week. Saturday is generally my only day to run with friends. Which is actually sounds kind of sad when I say it like that, but it just makes me look forward to Saturday that much more! :) And when I’m running with people, it’s hard to get me to shut up!

I have to eat breakfast at home, first thing. I get low blood sugar otherwise, so this is a must for me.

Also, if Kelsey happens to read this, I’m actually from Tulsa and want to congratulate her on such an awesome accomplishment!!


I’m a night worker-outer and I find getting everything ready helps too! It’s harder to skip your run when your clothes are all laid out on your bed waiting for you to sweat in them!!

I never run with anyone else because I have a chronic fear of holding them back! BUT an awesome girl with my charity ran the first 2.5 miles of NY with me and it was kinda nice!


I definitely get all of my clothes/shoes ready the night before, but I still haven’t been able to do the same with breakfast..there is something about having it prepared fresh that just gets me :/ I’ve only ever run alone, I’ve been working on my long run distances so I could join the running club closest to me and have some company! :)


The not getting ready for work one is genius. I have lived my life by it for years. Plus it means on rest days I get to sleep in until like 10 minutes before I have to be there (I live two miles away). If I am going on a longer run in the morning that I need to eat before (like 8 or 9 miles) I’ll put the granola bar next to my bed so I can eat it as I get dressed. I also fill my water bottle and put it in the fridge the night before, and set up my coffee. I’m all about sleep. I love my training buddies and we talk like crazy, but if we are doing speed work we make strict no talking rules. I used to eat breakfast at work, but then when I moved close, I gained time to eat it at home and now my life is so much happier. I also spent the day in the car with my hubby today. If you can tolerate each other and still have fun after nine hours of driving it means your marriage will last forever. True fact.


Since I’m EXTRA lazy I either wear my gym clothes to school or put them in a bag left in my car for later. I’ve found that I don’t feel sloppy wearing my gym clothes all day as long as I end up going to the gym at some point that day (gives you extra gym motivation also!). Its only bad if you never actually go…

I eat breakfast at home but almost always have to pack a lunch in my lunchbox. I usually do it the night before because mornings get hectic.

I almost always workout alone because my daily schedule is so random and depends on my whims. Sometimes I’m too tired after class so I’ll wait until later, or sometimes I’m really motivated in the morning. Generally though, I like going after my school/internship day is done, around 5pm!


Breakfast is in the car almost every day for me. It’s a huge time saver (ie I sleep 10 minutes longer). When I used to spend most of my commute in traffic I would manage some pretty elaborate meals in the car too. I do not advocate oatmeal or eggs and sausage while your car is in motion, but it’s definitely doable when your stuck in bumper to bumper traffic!


I think I shared this with you when we were becoming friends, but every now and again i sleep in workout clothes including the sports bra.

Breakfast these days is spans 2 hours. Coffee in car, toast at desk when i get there, fruit during passing period of 1st and 2nd hour. Can you believe we have to go back to the grind tomorrow. i could get used to this!!


I like the tip on start running when your meeting up with friends. Sometimes we can waste 10-15min talking before we even start. Great tip.


I started doing a smoothie because it is SO fast to blend and slurp. Since there’s no chewing involved, you can easily put on your makeup/doyourhair/pickyouroutfit while you sip with no finger grease or chewing messing up your game!


Interesting about the no stretching! I always stretch before I leave the house and then I also walk a bit before I start running. Good to know that if I’m in a time crunch I can skip one or the other.

And yes, I always always lay everything out before I go to bed, otherwise a morning workout just doesn’t happen. I can’t fumble around in the dark very well at all!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break!!


I can NOT talk while I run! No matter how slow we’re going, I can’t catch my breath if I’m talking too. Good things I do 99.9% of my runs solo.

I have to do things to save time in the winter when it gets dark so early. I take my running clothes to work with me and change when I catch a minute in between customers when it gets close to closing time. That way when I lock up, I can run my afternoon reports really fast and hit the door running!


Back to the grind it is! Glad you got back safe and come home to a clean house…what a sweet husband you have. :) BTW, I thought of you the other night when I was stabbing my husband with my fork so he wouldn’t eat my rootbeer cake. I run alone but lately my kids keep asking to join me, it’s a tough deal because I want them to love running but part of why I love running is to get away!! Lol. Jessica


My tip for saving time so you have more time to run is simple: Don’t join pinterest.

Oops, too late.


okay, maybe I am weird…. actually I know I am, but I often sleep in my workout clothes (clean of course!). That way I wake up and am already dressed and just have to put on my shoes, brush my teeth and eat. Bushing my hair would be good too, but I’d rather use that sacred time for more food munching ;) The photo of you and Billy is so cute, what happy faces! awwwdorable!


I do that too!!


I agree completely with thinking ahead. I lay everything out, including my clothes in the order I have to put them on. I have also been known to sleep in some of my workout clothes.


I am so glad I found this post, so I know I am not the only one who could use some help gaining some extra time.

I definitely do best when I set everything I need out the night before – trouble finding socks is a perfect excuse for putting off my workout when it is cold and rainy in the morning.

Although, I do have to say – working out in the morning can be miserable – but SO WORTH IT!


Laying out all my clothes/shoes/Garmin helps me SO much! If I have everything ready so I can still throw it on while half asleep, it gets me out the door a lot faster. I rarely run with someone else but when someone wants to run with me I do! I ran with my brother yesterday, it was a fun change of pace :) I eat breakfast at home always!


I always run with friends. It’s safer at 5am. Plus it makes the miles fly by, especially on long runs. We always chat on our non-speed workout days. I eat at home. I always lay everything out the night before a run (glide, Gu, Ipod, Garmin, clothes, socks).


I usually eat breakfast at home, but sometimes I’ll bring it to work and eat there if I’m going in early.

I usually run with a friend twice a week, but I’m wussing out lately because it’s freaking cold and dark in the morning and at night. Which are our only times to run.


I drink coffee before I go to the gym so I put out the mug, spoon, and I buy Starbucks instant VIA so while my water is in the microwave… I go out to start my car/put my bag in the car/crank the heat… Run inside, stir, leave with fresh cup-o-coffee!

I don’t really eat a “breakfast”. If I do, it’s more of a lunchfast. And it’s usually at school. Or at home after my classes and I’m eating my arm as it’s cooking.

It’s always good to come back to a clean apartment/house!


Love this – completely agree that a little planning and preparation can make your morning workout easier/better/longer. I usually eat breakfast at home – a small something before the workout and a bigger breakfast after (sometimes eaten in my car/at work).


I am totes a talker when I’m running- I have yet to find someone else who likes to talk! My Dear makes fun of me :P

Def eat bfast before I leave my apartment in the morning for work- too messy to eat in the car and no time when I get to school… This chica needs her fuel!


I always lay my clothes out in the bathroom the night before so I can turn the light on to get dressed without waking my husband up. In fact, I started keeping all of my workout clothes in our bathroom closet. I don’t workout with people often, but when I run with my husband or running group I like to talk. I eat my breakfast at work to save time. I always make it the night before.


I definitely talk on runs, but have learned not everyone does. After one run with a girlfriend, after talking her ear off, she puffed out that she couldn’t run with me anymore…the talking and running combo was too much :-)


I always eat on the way to work. Thankfully, I have time to make breakfast at home (toast and a banana with peanut butter) and I drink my morning coffee during my work meeting(s)! Now…. just trying to get back into the mind-set and be ready for Monday!


All the commenters have such great tips!

I work out at night so I always make sure to have my gym gear with me and a charged iPad. If I finish work early (aka still rush hour traffic), I’ll work out in the work gym – if not I’ll stop at the gym near my house before going home. I grab a snack from work as I’m leaving so I’m never starving!


I definitely ran the half marathon of the Route 66! So fun!


I try to work out in the mornings and usually go to bed in my workout gear. It’s much easier to just slip on my shoes and go than try to find all my running gear in the dark. If I am working out after work, I try to plan it so I make it to the gym at a time that’s not too crazy busy so I’m not waiting around on machines.


Great tips! I always tell myself that the satisfaction of fitting in one extra mile trumps 8-9 minutes of extra bed time! Also getting breakfast and packing my lunch the night before saves so much time! Or if all fails, I come up with a good excuse as to why I’m late haha :)


I enjoy getting out at least once per week to run with people other than just myself. Good change of scenery, sometimes helps me push myself further…and the time just FLIES!


Love the idea of avoiding any small talk before starting the run. The first mile or so is the perfect time to casually catch up and warm up. I’m gonna start doing that for sure!


My tip to save time is to not wash your hair unless you absolutely have to. But I really should stop broadcasting to the world that I barely ever wash my hair. It probably doesn’t get me a whole lot of friends.

I always run by myself because no one else I know is willing to go as slowly as I do :) I enjoy having the time to myself, though!


haha….yay for cold pizza!! and actually, after seeing the dough on that sucker i’d eat it in any way shape or form! :)

ya, i’m the queen of wanting to literally roll out of bed and get going. i lay my stuff out the night before and that helps a lot. i’ve also mastered the super-quickie shower…i swear i’m not smelly! :)


Ok call me crazy but that slice of leftover pizza actually looks delicious.

And these are definitely all fantastic tips for saving time! If I am short on time in the running department, I usually take those days to run alone. I only run with buddies when I’ve got the day in front of me and don’t have to rush through the workout! Altho that’s about to change now that I have a coach, I’ll be running with someone every day….it will not be a leisurely time though lol.


I’m not going to lie sometimes I like to sleep in my running shorts…saves about 30 seconds in the morning haha


Am I the only one who never unties/ties her shoes? I don’t think there is a single pair of shoes I own that I ever untie to take off, then have to retie them when I put them back on. Unless, of course, it’s boots. But with things like running shoes they’re always loose enough that I can slip them off/on without untying. I’m just really picky about how my shoes are tied and if one shoe is even slightly tighter than the other it drives me insane.

I always run solo because I have basically no runner friends nearby.


Im pretty sure I read every single one of these comments! What amazing tips on time saving! It sure gave me some good ideas of gettin out the door faster for my run.
I run alone now a days..I started out in the summer running with a great friend, but scheduales never match anymore. So its now solo!My Ipod has become my best companion, I really enjoy the “me time” I have while running.

Janae I have done 3 races this fall! I thought youd be happer to hear : ) Seriously girl, you have been such a motivational person. Im happy to say I got to be your roomie back in the college days!
I love reading your blog, its so inpiring, and funny!

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