Iron Cowboy and LV blogger/reader/awesome people party.

There are going to be a lot of fun meet-ups already going down in Vegas like this one……

I knew that I had to include one that involved ice cream and chocolate SOOOOOO……

On Saturday (Dec. 3) @ 2 pm let’s meet up at the Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop:

Harrah’s Carnaval Court

3475 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109

(HERE is a map)

If this excerpt from the menu doesn’t convince you to come, I don’t know what will:

Screen Shot 2011 11 30 at 10 33 14 AM

Billy will even be there (I guess I should ask him first) to be our paparazzi and race day strategist.

This is what Billy and I will be sharing:

Screen Shot 2011 11 30 at 10 33 28 AM

Don’t worry….if you don’t want to eat dairy and really sugary food the day before the race, that is okay because this is 26.5 hours before the race so that makes it okay.


Have you heard about James Lawrence (aka the Iron Cowboy)?  First of all, he lives about 15 minutes away from me and in the same town as my Grandma so I am pretty sure that automatically makes me cool but anyways, he is just shooting for ya know, ANOTHER WORLD RECORD. (HERE is an article all about him!)

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(Picture from his Facebook Page)

His first world record…..22 half-ironman distance races in 30 weeks.  If I do my math right that is a lot of half-ironmans.

His new goal…….30 FULL IRONMAN tri’s in one year.  That would be 30 X 2.4 mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run.


From the article cited above:

It could be said that Lawrence has been preparing for this since 2005, when he ran the Salt Lake City Marathon five months after he was embarrassed by his mediocre performance in a four-mile fun run.

“I ran that marathon and I absolutely hated it,” he said.

Two weeks later and he had a change of heart.

“I told myself, You know what, I’m better than that….I can’t let this defeat me.”

He did not start training for the love of the sport.  He started because he felt defeated.  Here was something that had beaten him, something that had humiliated him but that was always there, waiting to be tamed.  So he went for it.


Way to represent Utah:)  Maybe I will be able to stalk him down for a Q & A on the blog…….  Either way, Billy and I are super excited to follow his 2012 world record and I am sure I will keep you updated.


If you could choose one world record to break, what would it be?

-Wow, that is a really tough one….um, the marathon!

Have you had any delicious fruit today?

-The best honeycrisp apple I have ever had in my life via Costco.

Who can come to the VEGAS MEET UP?

Do you have any hardcore awesome athletes in your area?  What about any big races near you?

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I’ve been following Iron Cowboy for awhile and I think he’s the bomb!

Dave Gordon (a big time marathoner from the ’80’s who won some major marathons) is on my husband’s cycling team.


I WISH I were coming to Vegas :( I want to come to a blogger meetup soon!


i wish I was going to be in Vegas with you guys!!!

world records? i’d pick the marathon too :)


Wow. That is pretty incouraging especially since I had a hard time running 3 miles today and felt totally defeated. Thanks for his story and have fun in Vegas but not too much fun since I’ll be home still wishing I could go.


Janae! That Iron Cowboy’s picture is from Ironman Canada this year…the same race and year as me! Though it looks like he’s light years faster than me because he’s finishing in the light and I finished in the dark! Bah! Maybe it’s a sign that your first Ironman should be in Canada! If you sign up you’ll have a Canadian there cheering you on (that’s me)!!


I had a fruit salad with mango, kiwi, strawberries, it was pretty darn good! I need to get to Costco this weekend and stock up on Honey Crisp’s!
I wish I was coming to Vegas! I wanted to but things didn’t work out. Have lots of fun :) And I will eat my own ice cream sundae at home ;)


I wish I could be there for the Vegas meetup! It sounds like so much fun, plus I would want to dominate that Peanut Butter Hot Fudge Sundae. My heavens, that thing looks delicious and right up my alley!

I had a ginormous orange today that was incredible. I forgot how much I love oranges.




I need to fly to vegas just for all these fun meetups!!!

Have fun this weekend, you are going to freakin’ ROCK that half marathon. I know you will, Janae :)


Thanks for linking up the Saturday night meet-up! Looking forward to joining you and Billy for a sugar coma on Saturday afternoon!! :)

Once you’re completely healed, I expect to see you signing up for your first half ironman followed shortly by a full. Destined!


So wish I could be there!!


I may have to convince Emily that we need to go to the ice cream meet up. I want to meet you both!


I wish I was coming to Vegas with you!!!
I would love to go somewhere during this time.
I hate the cold…
LOVE fall, but this cold shit just isn’t cuttin’ it.

I wish I could break any world record involving chocolate because people would most likely sponsor me which = free chocolate.

(PS. Peanut butter sauce on sundaes = best topping ever )


I’ve been following his story! He is AMAZING!


I’ve had some delic Costco fruit too- a pear, an apple, and a grapefruit! Happy to have citrus back in season [so much cheaper] :D


I am drooling on my keyboard over that ice cream – bring some back to UT for me? k, thanks. :) Actually, now I am craving fruit! Sounds awesome right now. I had a nutella crepe with strawberries and bananas at work a little bit which was delicious, and now I’m in a sugar coma. :)