Remember the awesome shirt that I had on yesterday that said, ‘I’m not lazy, my body just hurts’…….well, it was from RUNNINGDIVAS.COM and they are going to give YOU free stuff and I am not even joking here, I am in love with their products.

I have yet to find a running skirt that I actually liked until this one.  I am obsessed.  Perfect length, perfect fit and lil’ shorts underneath!

IMG 9849

I think we can all relate to what this shirt says.

IMG 9850

Love the back too……

IMG 9851

You’d think I would have at least washed my hair or something for this or attempted to take a brush through it.    Don’t make fun of my tan lines on my legs because Billy already did.

IMG 9852

Love the tank too but don’t know why I decided to throw in a walk like an egyptian move.

IMG 9853

Super duper comfortable!

IMG 9854

The long sleeve tee says, ‘I don’t know what I ran but I’m glad I did.’

IMG 9855

I may live in their pants for the rest of my life.   They say mile after mile after mile……

IMG 9857

Running Diva’s is giving away a TANK, a SHORTLEEVE and a LONGSLEEVE shirt!!!

3 winners….I like those odds.


All you gots to do is go to RUNNINGDIVAS.COM and tell me in the comments what your favorite item is!!

Extra entry….tweet about it or post it in on your blog!  (Separate comment)

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My favorites are the lounge pants! Too cute!


I love the long-sleeved tee.


I love the tank!


My favorite item is the skort in rasberry!


My fave is the green one you are wearing in the first pic, but I can’t find it on the running divas site.


The Jogging Short in black and pink! :)


Oh and I tweeted it too. lol! ;)


I luv luv luv the performance tank that says “Running is what everything else isn’t,” on the back!


Tweeted too!


Love your blog! My favorite cotton T was the one that said “Pain is the test/Yes it hurts/Running Divas”

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