How to make the worlds best omelet.

Keep these tips to yourself.  I only want to share these things with my favorite people (you guys) because I am selfish like that and don’t want everyone to know these tips that I will use in my future restaurant.

1.  Add a ridiculous amount of cilantro in each omelet.  No less.  Cilantro just makes everything tastes so fresh and so clean.

IMG 9879 2

2.  Prepare lots of toppings (those toppings are for ONE omelet), leave your onions long…… don’t cut them up to small.

IMG 9884

3.  Put the thickest layer of fresh garden tomatoes on your omelet.  People may judge but you won’t care because each bite will include an eighth of a tomatoe and that will make you happy.

IMG 9888

4. But first squeeze out the juice otherwise you are going to have one WATERY omelet.  Speaking of not wanting a watery omelet….. add a lil’ bit of milk to your egg mixture.  Oh yeah, and garlic powder.

IMG 9885

5.  Be cool like my mom and have a pan that doesn’t require any cooking spray and allows NOTHING to stick to it.   Billy, will you buy me these pans for my 3/4ths birthday coming up next month?

IMG 9886

6.  Make your husband the biggest omelet he will ever eat.  Full of ham, veggies and cheese.  Bake some biscuits, saying you did it for him but really you actually didn’t even want to share them.

IMG 9887

7.  Wash those omelets down with your favorite candy bar by getting the best deal on candy from your local Grocer.  3 for $1.  The cashier said that someone came in earlier and bought $90 worth of them.  No joke.  I want to meet that amazing soul.


8. Gummi Peach rings round out your balanced meal because we were clearly missing some fruit.

IMG 9893


Favorite omelet add-ins?  Any omelet tips for me?

-Cilantro, green peppers, onions and ham.

What is your SATURDAY workout?

-A few miles on the tready with the sis and WEIGHTS (finally, it has been a long time).

All time FAVORITE chocolate candy bar?

-Milky Way and Cookies in Creme comes in a close second.

Are you a cilantro lover?


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Snickers is the best candy bar of all time!! :)

My Saturday workout is a 17 mile run. (Eep!) I’m currently futsing around on the internet even though I KNOW the sooner I start, the sooner it’s over and I have the rest of the weekend ahead of me to relax and eat! :)


Butter in the pan helps ALOT!! With flavor and sticking.


The omelet looks great!! I love mushrooms & spinach & swiss cheese in mine.

My Saturday workout is REST! Ran my 14-miler yesterday after school so am taking it easy today. Have a great weekend!


We love making omelets in our house… especially for a quick and healthy dinner during the work week. I love adding spinach, bell peppers and onions. You might hate me when I say this but I cannot stand the taste of cilantro. Like really grosses me out! My favorite chocolate candy bar is the 70% dark chocolate bar with sea salt. So good!


Add A-1 sauce to your egg mixture….it will transform your life! Trust me! And you’re welcome.


Those omelets look tasty! Yummmmmo.

You should try sun-dried tomatoes in your omelets! They come in a jar, and I just chop them up and throw them in the pan when I first heat it up. They add so much depth and flavor!! Oh and gouda or mozarella cheese is a must too!


Sorry…cilantro is of the devil. I hate the stuff, but I am weird like that. Workout of the day…8 miles at marathon goal pace. St. George next Saturday! Favorite candy bar, hmmm….not sure I can narrow it down to just one. But if you made me I would probably go with Ritter Sport dark chocolate with hazelnuts.


Cilantro and basil are my two fav herbs. I always add salsa to my eggs. Started it in New Mexico, and now can’t stop. I have some goat cheese and may just add that to my eggs!

Peachy gummy rings are the devil. They make me eat the whole bag in one sitting.


I never thought of cilantro in an omelet! What a fabulous idea! I’m not too good at omelet technique, but I have been on a huge brinner (breakfast at dinner ;) kick lately and have been making tons of eggs. Such a comfort food for me.

My Saturday is lazy this week, and I can’t wait! I just walked with the pup for a bit, and now a day full of laying around and watching college football. Roll Tide!


I like mushrooms in my omelets. My favorite candy bar is snickers followed by babyruths. Have a great day!


Those are some great omelet tips, especially that tomato tip! My tips are cover in salsa + hot sauce and add cheese.


Cilantro is my most favorite herb! I love it in my salads and tacos!!


I don’t love or hate cilantro, but omg if I made that omelet for my boyfriend he wouldn’t even be able to sit near it. He HATES cilantro!

Work is gonna be my exercise today, and maybe some running afterwards :)

LOVE lindt 85% dark chocolate yummmm


Omelette add-in favorites: broccoli, tomatoes, ham, cheese! I LOVE cilantro though – definitely need to add that into the mix from now on.
My workout isn’t going to be anything too intense since I’m trying to get over a stupid cold, but SOMETHING… just not sure what yet.
All-time favorite candy bar is Reese’s PB Cups FOR SURE. Obsessed with those things.


Onions, peppers.
I just did a 7 mile trail run in the rain. Lovely. The rain let up to a mist by the time the race started, but the trail was muddy. So my shoes are tragic, to say the least. But hey, gotta run the tangents, mud or no mud!
Milky Way, Milk Duds, PB M&M’s.
I like cilantro, but it is not a have to have.

The Kidless Kronicles
Wag More, Bark….


um looks like the BEST OMLETTE EVER! i am OBSESSED WITH CILANTRO it really does make everything SO MUCH BETTER x 100000
yay for treadmill running!!<3
probs a plyo workout tape today for me!
happy saturday girl<3


$90 on candy bars! I wonder if it’s one of those awesome people that gives out full candy bars on Halloween?

Denver omelets are my favorite. I’m down with ham, onion and green pepper. Easy elliptical on the agenda today, 5k tomorrow. My favorite candy bar is Skor or Heath. Love toffee!


I LOVE cilantro! What a great addition to an omelet!

Sat workout: 2.5 miles on the stair stepper, taught a BodyPUMP class. LOVE!

My fav candy bar is Swiss dark chocolate…..I don’t love American candy because it is super sweet and tastes like death. But I am partial because I hail mostly from Switzerland ;)


Cilantro is my staple! I put obsene amounts in my guacamole, salads, burgers, dressings. It adds so much flavor!


I <3 cilantro! People are either lovers or haters of it but the more cilantro the better in my opinion. especially in salsa!
I have that calphalon pan. Got it 5 years ago for my bridal shower and seriously use it every day. Best pan ever :)


I wishI liked eggs, omelets seem like such a great breakfast food…oh well, I just enjoyed pumpkin pancakes!

my saturday workout- 16 miles= the farthest I have ever run!!!

favorite candy is midnight milky way

enjoy your saturday!


I truly truly truly hate cilantro. I can’t even eat pico de gallo that has a little bit in it. I just can’t stand it! other than that and the ham, that omelet looked awesome though.


on sunday mornings when everyone in the family wants omelets we boil them in a bag so that all 6 are done at the same time instead of eating and cooking them in shifts. to do this, bring a big pot of water to boil, and for each omelet mix 2 eggs with a little bit of milk and pour into a small ziploc bag. add the mix-ins of your choice (peppers, spinach, and swiss cheese for me!), push all the air out of the bag and seal. plop all the baggies in the boiling water for about 10 minutes. everyone gets the ingredients they want and we can all sit down together.
today’s workout: 4.5 mile hike. favorite candy bar: snickers, followed by crunch bar.
have a good weekend :)


Omelet: tomato, onion, mushrooms, spinach, olive and feta. Soooo good!!

I went to a great yoga class and I am now ready for my 1/2 tomorrow :)

Skor bars rock my world!


So funny you bring up cilantro, as not too long ago I posted about it bring a recipe KILLA! I do love cilantro, it is so refreshing tasting, but I always overdo it when I add it to things I’m cooking, and then it overwhelms everything else. My lover has banned me from using cilantro :( sad times.

I love omelettes! YUM. FEST.


Ah man, I’m not so sure we can be friends anymore…at least where omelets are concerned. Cilantro is one of the few foods/herbs which even the mere smell makes me queasy. On a yummier note, I’m all about the Sea Salt Lindt…amaze-balls! Have a fab Saturday, my dear :)


Oh man I’m not so sure we can be buddies anymore, at least where omelettes are concerned. Cilantro is one of the few foods/herbs which even the mere smell makes me queasy. On a yummier note, I’m all about the Sea Salt Lindt- amazeballs! Have a fab Saturday, mah dearrr :)


I love Milky Ways! Have you tried the ones with extra caramel? Delicious! I also love Twix bars and Milky Way Midnights, and….well basically I just love any and all chocolate!!!! :)


No fun I know but I try to steer clear of the candy bars – I save those calories for ICE CREAM!

My Saturday morning workout was a little 20 mile training mile run. It went really well, especially since we started at 5am – talk about gettin’ it done early! Let the taper beging (WOOHOO!)

Enjoy your saturday and don’t OD on skittles!


I love Cilantro! I love how it makes my fridge smell too! I love mushrooms in my omelets, but not everyone does. And cheese.

My workout this morning was 10 miles at marathon pace, St. George next week! Wahoo!

Anything with chocolate and peanut butter is my favorite candy.


Why didn’t you come to my house and make me one of these this morning? WHY?!

Protein shake ain’t got nothin’ on that bad boy.


I want that omelet stat! We made awesome omelets with spinach, tomatoes, and feta earlier this week for dinner. Sooooo good!

My workout today was a 20 miler. It actually went really well! I ran 10 with friends and then my mom met up with me on her bike for the last 10. Now if only they could do that for the marathon.


im so terrible at making omelettes, i feel like the always fall apart when i try and flip them and then turn more into scrambles…oops :)

favorite omelette add-in=spinach

workout today was 10.5 mile run…half marathon in a week, ready to rock its socks off. anddd i just signed back up for a gym today, SPINNING HERE I COME!

favorite candy bar is whatchamacalit :)

have a great saturday homeskillet!


That omelet looks good! I need to try it, and make one for my husband too. He’s a huge cilantro fan, but I’m only so-so. I love jalepeno cheese in my omelets! I also love mushrooms. Favorite candy bar is a kit-kat, but I also really love cookies n cream. Workout today was 12 miles, and we finally got some cool weather (60’s) at 6AM this morning!


looks like an AHMAZING omlet. i suck at omelets also probably because we dont have any amazing pans to make the eggs not stick to the pan either..!
i did a 17.5 mile run. it was tough.. over a bridge with a hill and back.. i thought i was gonna die. good thing i was with other people or i mighta given up!


Milky ways used to be my favorite bars when I was little! Now I like anything with dark chocolate!


I HEART cilantro, but you can’t forget bacon, cheese, and mushrooms when making an omelete for this pork diva!

I was just literally eye-balling those very pans at Bed Bath and Beyond this week, but decided my $5 coupon wouldn’t really save me much money on a set that’s $50 a pan! I have the entire stainless steel set of Caphalon pots and pans and I hate them because everything sticks! Obviously I don’t know how to use them since all the pro’s think S.S. is the best.


Haha… as always, I love you… Hilarious post! Cilantro does make everything taste amazing! I learned two very valuable lessons from this tutorial… squeeze the juice out of the tomatoes (I seriously didn’t know to do that!) and add garlic powder. I have a feeling my omelet skills have just been significantly improved.

If I had 90 bucks burning a hole in pocket right now… I know exactly what I would spend it on.


I hear you either love cilantro or you hate it… I am definitely in the latter group! I can’t stand it!
It looks like you have some serious omelette-flipping skills… that is professional! Oh and I need to take your tips on squeezing the tomatoes; I used tomatoes in a tofu bake today and it came out SO watery!
Today I biked 30.5 miles, my longest bike ride so far– you have inspired me!!! Have a GREAT rest of the weekend!


HOLY YUM BATMAN. that looks SO good. and i agree – cilantro (though we call it coriander here :p) belongs in EVERYTHING!



I always mess up my omelets because I cannot flip them successfully! They turn into scrambled eggs every time. I like tomatoes, spinach, and cheese. Preferably goat cheese.
My workout today was a HIIT and yoga.


Good looking omletes you got there! I LOVE cilantro.. but I’ve never thought to put it in my eggs.. Which I see now was STUPID! I must get on this cilantro train- immediately


I love turkey bacon and cheese on my omlettes. I’ve never actually made one before and totally need to learn how.

My Saturday workout was a 20 mile run. I survived!


my hubby LOVES cilantro… He will just bite off and few leaves and munch away… I, on the other hand, never did develop a taste for it.


Love plain ones with just egg whites and tomatoes..Saturday is usually a 3 mile run…and not a fan of candy bars anymore..used to look 3Musketeer bars, Frozen Milky Ways by the pool, and regular Hershey bars heated up in the microwave.

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