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More Sunday Fun

My family is very interesting, that is all I know. They liked the new bracelets I got for them! Billy’s first try ever of Red Velvet Blue Bunny ice cream, he loved it.

I have an amazingly awesome story for you #2

Remember Theresa’s incredible story (you can read it HERE)?  Well, the amazing Andrian emailed me with her story and I knew I had to share it with you guys.  I hope you are enjoying reading others journey into health and fitness as much as I am!!  She is such an inspiration and you are going … Continue Reading

Something Borrowed and A New Way to Bake Bread

Is it weird that we requested our breadtwists to be barely cooked?  Good I didn’t think so, who doesn’t enjoy dough smothered in butter and garlic.  The only problem was we think the dough expanded and baked in our stomachs and may have seeped into other internal organs. Is it weird that you chose to … Continue Reading