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Black Rice and Important Marathon Question #2

Remember how Billster and I decided that living on sour patch kids and frozen Costco burritos is probably not the best nutrition while we are training and how we should probably gobble down some more whole grains?  Well, we ventured out on a limb and have a new favorite form of whole grain that I … Continue Reading


WOW. While I was running on my treadmill this morning I watched an Ironman documentary on Hulu that a reader recommended for me to watch.  It was beyond incredible.  I cried 4 times throughout my run because of the show.  Poor Billy had to listen to it at 6 a.m. too because I had the … Continue Reading

You have got to trust me on this one……..

Before my sister even said hello to me when I walked in the door last night she directed me straight to the kitchen.  A few weeks ago my brother sent out a mass text about the BEST. ICECREAM. he has hever had and that he hadn’t lived until he had eaten it.   He is … Continue Reading