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Relying on Technology.

This morning I realized I have a serious problem I am addicted to something more than I am to peanut butter, skittles and broccoli combined. On the way to work this morning I got stuck at the train stop for a train that was at least 8 miles long and going 7 miles an hour. … Continue Reading

Why the Marathon?

Obviously we all LOVE working out because we physically feel SO MUCH BETTER but another reason I love to work out is because it gives me time to THINK CLEARLY and REMEMBER PAST EVENTS. Today’s workout thoughts revolved around what delicious dessert I should make tonight, why I was only wearing one sock and WHY … Continue Reading

Hiding the Monster and a Combover

We took your advice and went a little crazy at our nearest health foods store on some delicious WHOLE GRAINS. Too bad the dried fruit was $80 a lb or something otherwise I would have loaded up on dried mango and papaya and stuck it in my satchel for emergency (every hour) food needs. ¬†PS … Continue Reading