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My Kind of Ride…..

I think I might convert to doing Century rides on a weekly basis after receiving the below email: Basically, I will be eating for 7 hours straight.  I am most excited for the lincoln beach stop…I haven’t had oreos for a long time and pretzels dipped into pb, I am sold.  I know you are … Continue Reading

Just for you….

I was lucky enough to catch a picture of the sweat just about to drip off of my nose, just for you.  Hopefully, you can still eat your lunch after this. I was wearing shorts, I promise.  They were BOOTY shorts because anything goes when you workout at home! I clocked in a beautiful 3.2 … Continue Reading

Analyzing Our Eating.

But first……… I am spooning with my bike every night before the century.  We feel more connected now and we now know that Saturday is going to be very successful. As Billy is becoming a hard-core runner and kicking trash and I am thinking that my body is ready to get back into running (um, … Continue Reading