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Okay, this is getting a little ridiculous.  Did I really take a picture of myself while receiving laughing gas as my eyes are starting to cross and the dreams of unicorns running through skittle fields are about to begin? Pretty sure that is drool on my chin and I am okay with that. Remember how … Continue Reading

A fun spin workout!!!

Either my nose went really crooked or I moved while taking the picture but either way I was trying to demonstrate for you how it looks like I went running under waterfalls when in reality it was just my head trying to produce a way to cool mself off. 30 minutes elliptical (I am loving … Continue Reading

Spin, free dessert and pain bye-bye.

I did it.  Spin craving FULFILLED!!! Remember how people stole my spin bike all morning long?  I showed them and hit up a killer spin class last night. The music was awesome, my legs are finally capable of moving again after Monday’s long ride (ps my diaper shorts are the brand LG  and I am … Continue Reading