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In need of an attitude change…….and a WINNER!

Just let me vent for a few minutes okay? Thanks. The past week I have woken up every night with the worst tooth ache in the whole wide world.  I have been able to accomplish watching Mean Girls 12 times on my phone during the middle of the night due to not being able to … Continue Reading

The Spinning that Didn’t Happen….YET!!!

Remember how I texted my friend last night to force her to go to a 6 a.m. spin class with me? She didn’t text back.  It is the weirdest thing because everytime I see her around town after her not texting me back she says she got a new phone and didn’t have my number … Continue Reading

College Reunion and Hydration

Once upon a time during college I just wanted to get away for a sememter.  Hmmmmm….where to go, where to go?  I know….Hawaii!! I went all by myself and on the first day being there I met my bff in the cafeteria.  She came by herself also and we hung out (AND ASHTON) everyday for … Continue Reading