Ingredients for the ULTIMATE SALAD AND PIZZA!

Friday’s Workout:  0 minutes of anything:)  We woke up early to go to San Diego and I told myself that I would go later…..

And then later happened.  Hanging out with family (Billy’s Grandparents are in town) > than the gym.  I swear that workouts the day after a rest day are 1,234 times better anyway:)

Plus, I had a 2 lb salad hanging out in my stomach for the majority of my day.

IMG 8483

That would be the best salad I have ever eaten in my entire life.  I know you think I say that a lot, and I do but this time I am completely serious.  I went with the most popular salad that Sammy’s Woodfire had to offer…..Grilled Balsamic with a ton of feta cheese, walnuts and mixed greens.  I usually order the dressing on the side but the dressing on this salad is the BEST PART and so I was more than happy that they dumped a bottle onto it.

IMG 8484

This was my FIL’s Thai Chicken salad and I think it is almost too pretty to eat.  But then again I say that about my daily fro-yo combinations and yet they disappear in 42 seconds.

IMG 8485

Of course we had to have some pizza too…goat cheese, pine nuts and sundried tomatoes.  Next time we come to California we are going to request to skydive out of the plane directly over this restaurant because I think I will be craving it every day until then.

STRIPE TWINS.  He was so excited that I was matching him. He really does love it deep down.

IMG 8487

After San Diego we went to a movie that was played for the communithy (17 Miracles….amazing, I cried 6.7 times) and there were tables of cupcakes and fruit to eat after the movie. My two favorite things in life.

IMG 8489

And to end the night off…..stalking YOU becuase I have missed your blogs over the last week SO SO MUCH!!

IMG 8490

After taking the picture Billy said, “I sure hope that you were going for a creepy look in this picture.”

Yep.  That’s just how I roll.


What is your SATURDAY workout? What time do you usually workout on Saturdays?

-9 is perfect for me because I love staying up late on Friday nights.  I am sure when I am back to long runs I will wake up earlier but until then I will cherish my sleeping in.  I am going to my LAST SPIN CLASS in Cali this morning:(

Where/what is the BEST SALAD you have ever had?

What was the last movie you watched?  Anyone seen The Help yet?

-I can’t wait to see it….Mom, you are taking me and the sister right?

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I just had to comment because I show I am the first one to do so!! haha! Missed your blog about your everyday life. If I’m not having fun one day at least I get to share in the fun of someone who is!! I don’t have a fave. salad I usually make my own and those are the best, but when I lived in Florida I loved, loved Sweet Tomatoes! All you can eat salad with all the fixings!!


Am I really the first one to comment?? As a prior San Diegan, I can say that Sammys is THE BEST!! Every single time Husband and I went there, we split that salad and the bbq chicken pizza. Deeeelicious. If you are there for a while, checked out Pizza Port too. They have a salad with butternut squash!

I loved The Help (the book) and can’t wait for the movie. I recently saw Crazy, Stupid Love…it was super cute!

Trying to get some motivation for a long run today. Not sure how long my back will hold up, but I’m hoping it goes well :)


I’m going to see the Help this afternoon with a girlfriend! I’m really excited – I loved the book so much and ended up choosing it when it was my turn to host book club.

Next time you are in either NYC or DC (or maybe a few more places – I forget where), check out “Chopt”. It’s a fast casual salad place where you pick out all your ingredients and then they use a mezzaluna to chop it all up and mix it together. They have about 2 dozen combinations, which you can also modify to be whatever you want. I’m pretty obsessed with them :)


Yum! That food looks so good!! Especially the cupcake table :D

Saturday is cross training day in my new training schedule so it will probably be a whole lotta elliptical, skipping, maybe some stairs and weights!

I wanna see The Help so BAD!! The last movie I saw was Change Up…not really worth it though…

I love your creepy face pictures!!!!!!!!!!


Is it weird that I’m sad you’re going back home and back to the real world? I will miss your vacation antics.
I have a toddler so my workout depends on him. I’m hoping to get in at least a HIIT elliptical session and 20 minutes of weights. Best salad? TOO MANY TO CHOOSE! Right now I love strawberries, walnuts and goat cheese over baby greens with balsamic vinaigrette if I’m making it. But eating out, hands down, Wood Ranch bbq tri tip salad. Holy wow!!! And my husband and I actually got to see a movie a few weeks ago, first time in 9 months. We saw Horrible Bosses. I loved it. I also have terrible taste in movies ;)


Saturdays are my rest day!
There is a salad at a Moxies I love called Citrus Chicken Salad, my favorite. It has dates, soy beans, red peppers, Mandarin orange pieces .
We saw Bridesmaids last night – totally the funniest movie I saw seen in a long time! I haven’t seen The Help yet, I am about half way through the book so need to finish it first!


I’m hoping to get my long run in today–not outside because it’s too hot for me, so treadmill it will have to be!
I love you matching Billy! Hubby HATES when we match, if we have the same color on he will go change. I think it’s cute, I guess I’m one of “those people” haha!
Somehow you still look too cute and pretty when doing a creepy face…how is that possible?


Saterdays are my rest days, but sometimes I will take a bike ride with the family :)


Dude, that salad looks BOMB.

Family > work outs every single time.


I’m so glad that you are back from your trip! I missed your billions of daily blog posts! They really help me get through a slow day at work.

Today there is no saturday workout on my agenda because I went out for my bday last night…But I will either get up and run around 6am (my body naturally wakes up early on the weekend but not during the week, odd.), or I’ll lay in bed and blog for a few hours then hit the gym for some cardio and light weights around 9.

I do like salad (but not the way you do), but I can’t recall a time I had a salad and fell in love! When you post salad pictures you should list what you put in it so maybe I can expand my salad horizons!

The last movie I watched was Crazy Stupid Love and it was awesome! I’m convinced that RyGoss is my soulmate especially after a quote about candy in Esquire.


My Saturday workout was a 90minute bike ride. I somehow ended up in the middle of a 5K. I really need to pay attention to signs :) I kept yelling “on your left”…”please don’t move to your left!”.

My most favorite salad was a chopped antipasto salad. So yummy!!!!
I went back to the restaurant last week and they had taken it off the menu. So sad:(


Cupcakes and fruit tables?!? Can I please adopt that community? :) The Help (movie) is really good, but I thought the book was so much better–more details and background and such, but I bet you’ll like it! Hooray for yummyrageous salads!


My Saturday workout was going to be my long run but I woke up feeling all kinds of yucky so I am taking today off and heading out tomorrow.

I am reading The Help right now so I won’t see the movie until I am done.


Hahaha, your photos crack me up! :)

My Saturday workout will likely be a short run…if the weather is decent later on.

Last movie I saw — Water for Elephants on my plane ride home from London Thursday! I also watched the Lincoln Lawyer. I liked them both a lot!


You do kinda have a evil genius look going on in that picture!

I just love salads in general! I just had a really good Chicken Fajita Salad at Spanky’s is was goooood!!!


I finally got a run in this morning at 5:30! 8 miles bam! My excuse is I got ENGAGED last weekend and have been crazy busy all week. This next week I’ll do better!


I am so excited about seeing The Help! I just finished the book last week. So good!

Your salads always make me so jealous. My stomach does not digest raw veggies well. No salad for this girl in over 4 years!!


I did a 7 mile run this morning! In the summer I try to get out of the house by 6:30 to beat the heat. It stinks but I’m always glad I did it!

I want to see The Help so bad! I saw Crazy Stupid Love yesterday afternoon and it was awesome!!!


Saturday workout is a nice swim in the morning (Hopefully 3000 meters) and the elliptical later tonight before I take my ass to get some fro-yo. Saturday date with myself, ohhhhhhhh baby!

My favorite salad is any salad with blue cheese crumbles/raspberry vinaigrette. End of story.

I want to read The Help before I see the movie and I’m in the 200-page range so hopefully I can finish before it’s out of theatres and everyone hasn’t seen it yet! Dangit for being the worlds slowest reader.


On Saturdays I don’t workout because I do my long runs a lot better on Sunday if I rest the day before :D I always wake up at 6:20 the rest of the week to get in a workout though.

Those salads look heavenly!! I haven’t had a good one in quite a while :(
The last movie I saw I watched was Harry Potter. I need to go see the Help. Hopefully my mom takes me on my birthday next week!! :D


That creepy picture of you made my day! You’re awesome!

My workout today was 16 miles while my mom biked very slowly next to me to keep me entertained and carry water. It was a really great run.


Girl, that food looks amazing!!!! I’m so jealous of your good eats!

And Brandon secretly loves it when we match, too. ;) He moans and groans and scowls, but that’s his way of showing love. :P

This morning we got up at 6:30 and ran 10 miles! That’s my longest so far! And it felt awesome!!!

Have a great weekend!


Your salad looks awesome!! I had the Wendy’s Berry Almond Chicken salad the other day when I was traveling for work, and while it definitely wasn’t the best salad I’ve ever had, it was surprisingly good!! Saw The Help yesterday and loooved it!!! My workout this morning was a 915am spin class!!


I am not working out at all today. I just ran errands and read blogs. I’ heading out to a barbecue this afternoon… And, oh. Wait. Then I think I’m playing tennis. That’s a pretty intense workout for me. So whenever I get to the courts will be workout time. It might be 6 pm.

I just watched the Black Swan last night. I’m going to say it certainly didn’t make any top ten lists for me. Two movies ago was Horrible Bosses, which was pretty funny. And three ago was Eat Pray Love! That one is recommended. Actually… The book is recommended.

The Help looks amazing, but of course, I’m behind the times, and I want to read the book first!


hahaha, you’ve got your blog face on, girl!


i wanna see the help so so badly girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and that salad looks AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! but really tho! and boo girl your leaving cali soon :( im sorry!!


I woke up at 5:30 this morning for a solo 18 miler! Brutal. I hate waking up early for morning runs, but my husbands cycling racing schedule makes it difficult to do it any other time of day. Sigh…

I am dying to see the help, but I am way too cheap to pay to see it in the theater.


Oh gosh, you are too funny. Your posts always make my day. :) The last salad I had was the roasted veggie from’s pretty delicious!


I love cranberrys with blue cheese and walnuts on my salad.. YUMMOO!!! I ran this morning. Not great but I did!


I did a run this morning but I think I’ve aggravated my sciatic nerve and the muscles around it so i have to take some time off now. boo.

Perfect time to run for me is usually 7am. I love going out with the sunrise.

and I made the best salad the other night at home! I’ll have the recipe posted soon! I know you’d like it!


I’m going to see the Help with my mom tomorrow! I feel like mother or sister presence is mandatory for this movie.


On the weekends I try to work out between 9-10. I find that I can still get up easily at that time even after a long night .

I love the Luau Salad from The Cheesecake Factory!

And the last movie I saw was – don’t laugh – Rise of the Planet of the Apes..which I actually thought was pretty good! I do want to see The Help soon!


You crack me up! Love the creepy face.
I love working out first thing because then I can kick back and relax the rest of the day. If it’s not done right away, it ain’t getting done.


Love your silly pictures girl… I just got home from a killer day of surfing…totally spent but MAN it was awesome! I surfed the best I have ever surfed today….SO much fun…I feel a nap coming on asap. I’m really digging grilled Romaine Salads right now…they are super good! gotta run..the sleep monster is attacking me… xoxo from Trinidad


Today was a 9 miler. Since I’m running with Team in Training, we start at 6:00 AM. Three months ago, I would’ve thought that was INSANELY too early, but strangely enough, I’ve kind of gotten used to it. It certainly gives you a lot of time in the day to get things done!! :)

I’m a cheap date – I really like the Panera Bread Poppyseed Salad with Chicken. Not saying it’s the absolute “best” salad I’ve ever had, but it’s definitely my favorite at the moment. I love that it’s covered in fruit!

The last movie I watched was Captain America, which was fun. We’re going to see The Help tomorrow for my friend’s birthday. I’m excited even though I’ve never read the book, since it’s been getting such good reviews.


I miss seeing your family! hahaha! …but I’m also going to miss B-dawg’s family. ;)
Have a safe trip home and I can’t wait to read all about it! I’m kind of wanting to post more food/family/fun pics on my blog, too. You are super inspiring! Can’t you move to Boston so we can hang out all the time and be BFF’s??


I really like salads as well and have had some mighty fine ones the past year or so and I have had some not so hot ones as well.

This morning I left the house about 7:30 for my long run, of 5 miles. I am 45 and just began running the very end of January to try and conquer some health issues. I have found that I really like running!

Hmmmm….I have a hankering to see The Help as well.



Janae!! I miss your blogging way too much! I ran 13 miles this morning and it was seriously the best feeling 13 miles of my life…2 weeks down of marathon training and 14 to go! Haha!

I have been loving everything but the kitchen sink salads lately! Today right after my run I dug into a salad with roasted sweet potatoes and mushrooms, chicken, cottage cheese and ketchup for dressing…I only ever put ketchup or salsa on my salads, weird right?!


Saturdays are always long runs. So today was 13 miles. Living in Texas I work out before the sun rises, meaning that runs start around 5:50 because once it hits 7 its burning outside!

Had a salad for lunch with grilled chicken, chickpeas, carrots, and tomatoes :) And I just got back from having frozen yogurt! YUM


Your salad does look great! Yummmo. Today I ran 10 MILES, wahoo. And hmmm, my favorite salad has to be from Chipotle…so much salsa, guacamole, chicken, and spicy dressing..YUMM.


the last awesome salad I had was at Milestones actually. It was a california-style one /w chicken and chunks of delicious goat cheese…..

…..this comment must stop due to the fact that my son literally just ripped his diaper off and threw poo everywhere!!!!!!!!



For some reason, my comment earlier didn’t work :/ Anywyas, today I ran 10 MILES wahooo. And let’s see, my favorite salad must be from Chipotle..lots of guac, salsa, chicken, and spicy dressing..YUM.


i did 13.1 miles this morning + spin… it was glorious. and yes, i get up at ridiculous hours because the heat in the south is unbearable in the summer!!

i saw the help and stupid crazy love – both are amazing! you should go see them now!! :)


I just posted about salad AND pizza :) YUM! Sammy’s is great! They offer vegan cheese so I love them even more. They have a pretty extensive menu for a pizza place.

That creepy picture is uh-mazing! So sad you’re leaving california, even though I didn’t see you. Back to the daily grind soon… :(


My workout was 7 miles at 10pm, i came back from my friends summer house and just had to get some endorphins from a run. Only that it’s annoying to run on a saturday evening while people are partying and you get tons of comments.. But then home to my bed.


My Saturday workout was an easy 8k run (second one in my new shoes, so didn’t want to push it too much) today I’ll hopefully get out for a longer one!

Favourite salad ever must have goats cheese, pinenuts, dried cranberries, lots of good leaves with strong taste, tomatoes that smell homegrown and plenty of good quality olive oil!

The last film I saw was The Beginners. Took me a bit by surprise but I liked it. :)


its supposed to rain all day today in New Jersey so we are going to see the help! did you see it? what did you think?


Sammy’s is so good! I haven’t been there in ages and after seeing your pics it needs to be put into the restaurant rotation!

Saturday morning workouts are at 7:30 am when I run with the Rock Runners, a little earlier on my own. I love getting to see the sun come up! It is calming to hear the ocean waves crash and seeing the sunrise. It is just beautiful and makes running awesome!


Was the romaine grilled?! I’ve seen that on menu’s and in recipes lately and want to give it a try but worry about doing myself- I have bad images in my head of something going wrong on the grill :P


I just saw THE HELP with my mom, grandmom, aunt, cousins, sisters and bff yesterday!! it was SUCH a good movie – easily the best I’ve seen in the past year. It was so good I couldn’t leave to tinkle – and let me tell you, I drank a TON of water!!! Minnie is the best character :)

My favorite salads are usually the ones I make for myself haha because I put in EXACTLY what I want. I did have a pretty awesome grilled veggie salad from the California Pizza Kitchen yesterday though.

My Saturday workouts vary – I love the weekend bc I finally have TIME. It’s usually either a bike ride or run outside or hiking yoga or paddle boarding or something outdoors if the weather is nice :)


Aw, where in San Diego where you? There is a Yogurtland in my neighborhood. Wish I had known you were going to be in town! :)


I love, love, looove Sammy’s!!!! My hubby & I are such huge fans we had them cater our wedding last year :)


I LOVE Sammy’s Woodfire Pizza!! Their balsamic grilled chicken salad is also my FAV and their pizza’s are to die for! I <3 living in San Diego :D

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