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Aspaeris sent me some AWESOME COMPRESSION SHORTS that I am absolutely stoked about!  PS can you spy how many boxes of cereal we have on our counter…….all of them are used for my usual cereal suicide. They are crazy comfortable and I have been wearing them all the time!  The shorts have bands woven into … Continue Reading


And the winner of the awesome Raceday Book is…….. Email me girl and we can get you your awesome book!

Race Shirts….to wear or not to wear?

For some reason I felt the need to hold up my shirt while ellipticizing so that you could read what it said better, but I don’t think it helped any….instead it just looks like I am checking to see if I am permanently smelly because I forgot my deodarant at home yesterday.  I think I … Continue Reading

Pictures Explained

Why am I wearing gym clothes after school? -On my drive home from school I was grumpy.  I grabbed my spare pair of gym clothes from the glove compartment and whipped out some strength training at the gym.  Billy thanks my good decision of stopping at the gym to get out of my bad mood … Continue Reading