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Triple Tangent Tuesday!!!

What up homefries?  I don’t know what that means but my hip students say words like that so I am just trying to be cool like them.  I also still shop at Forever 21 and watch the same shows that they do on ABC Family in hopes that I stay young. In case you are … Continue Reading

Who NEEDS deodorant?

Janae, great job packing your gym bag today. You only forgot your brush, deoderant (once again, say a prayer for my students) and your dress is now permanently wrinkled.  Very proffessional:) You would think that after packing my bag for the past 2 years that I would have the whole packing thing down but either … Continue Reading

Welcome to Janae’s Mood Swings

(All moods displayed occured within a two hour time period) Super angry, we were out of milk for my mug of cereal that I was going to eat on the way to the gym for dinner. Super happy, I realized that delicious bread with jam makes excellent fuel. Creepily happy, I realized there is chocolate … Continue Reading