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Salad Bar Economics

Um, is it illegal to take pictures of magazines and post them on a blog?  At least I will cite the pictures and tell you they are directly from the September issue of Food Network. Anyways another thing I love about going to my parents house is reading the latest issue of Food Network. What … Continue Reading

Re-arranging the schedule…..

I don’t know about you, but I am a little weird about my schedule……probably something I should work on right? So, when my alarm clock didn’t wake me up this morning to go get my Monday (after two rest days) sweat on, I was a little hurt by my cell phone.  Was he trying to … Continue Reading

Running socks and gummy bears in my cereal

Don’t even ask.  We were in a weird mood.  We had a pre-dinner meal of cereal and it went from throwing gummy bears into each other’s bowls to trying to steal the mini wheat with the most frosting from the other person’s bowl. I have threatened her that I will be going through her next … Continue Reading