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I am forcing you to become part of my cross-country team by talking about what I am working on with my team. Wednesdays are hill days, half the team has already come up with a forged doctors note that says they are allergic to running on Wednesdays but then I remind them that: HILLS ARE … Continue Reading

Showing the Treadmill Some Lovin’

Someone PLEASE come and clean our storage room.  That is my bike on the floor and I tilted my computer camera away from the camping gear mess so that you wouldn’t think less of me and really I have no idea why that random piece of wood is on the floor. Today was an exciting … Continue Reading

Limeade in my water bottle.

Go ahead and ask me how my afternoon bike ride went……. Sometimes the most important part of training is sleep. I know I know, probably the most flattering picture I have ever posted on the blog.  And yes, we have to buy microsuade furnature for easy clean-up because I am on the same level as … Continue Reading