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Triple Tangent Tuesday!

Dang, I think I forgot about this little tradition, it has been a few weeks since I have shared three completely random things with you, or maybe it was because I had too much to say about the best salad I have ever eaten, funny stories, my blog definition on Tuesdays that I forgot to … Continue Reading

It all makes sense now….

Why people kept staring at me as they walked by me while I was on the ellipctical this morning at the gym….. I have NO idea how it even got there.  A banana sticker…..I didn’t even have a banana this morning.  Maybe it was from that time last week that I ate a banana smothered … Continue Reading

Making Running Fun and Syrup

Billy decided to be all cool again and desert me on Monday and Wednesday nights because of another LSAT prep class…..something about our future being kind of important or something. Fine, if that’s how you wanna play, than I will just have to hang out with my mom, sister and fluff ball jr. and eat … Continue Reading