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I solved my problem

Remember how I keep complaining about the fact that my house is a furnace and we don’t have a/c and the swamp cooler doesn’t work……. I have a solution. 1.)  Take the ginormous fan that you use when you run on the treadmill around with you from room to room. 2.) Eat an overflowing mug … Continue Reading

Saturday Workouts ROCK!

Saturday workouts are the best….don’t you agree? No having to debate whether a shower is really worth it or not because you are already late to work….just me?  Dang it. This morning I met up with my sister and did weights.  I skipped out on pump and told my sister that she was in charge … Continue Reading

Wardrobe Change.

HAPPY SATURDAY!!! Now that I am working again, Saturdays have become my favorite day! Yesterday after work I drove straight to my homeland.  It felt good to be back at Yogurtland with my utah blogging peeps. Julia, Ruth (I am going to miss you), Rachelle, Ash and Cory! I had to leave a little earlier … Continue Reading