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Lemon Bars at 9 a.m.

You know you have issues when you get incredibly happy when you get an email that there are lemon bars in the faculty lounge. You know you really have issues when you go back for thirds and your students wonder what the white powder is on your upper lip (it was powdered sugar, people…come on). … Continue Reading

Where the magic happens:)

Just thought I would show you my stair climber set-up!! I was watching the Friends episode with Phoebe’s 3d artwork…..classic. The stairs of death are a great lowish-impact (compared to running) way to keep your fitness up if you are injured.  Some of my sweatiest workouts EVER have been on this machine!! I don’t know … Continue Reading

24 Mile Ride and Recovery Food

I know, I am a thug.  I am not ashamed. Chocolate milk with glutamine (muscle repair, on GEAR page).   I would like to personally thank the scientist that discovered chocolate milk to be the perfect recovery drink.  Thank you, I will forever be in debt to you. And to continue our night of perfect … Continue Reading