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Cross-Country and What I Pack For Work

Instead of showing you what I am going to be eating every day during the school year I just wanted to show you today because let’s be honest…..I will be eating the same thing every work day for the next few months because once I find what works for me, I stick to it. Breakfast … Continue Reading

Running around the gym

Really, a HRG post without any pictures?  What happened? What happened was that I was too busy running around the gym to even think about taking pictures…….. Workout looked a little something like this: 10 minutes elliptical 10 minutes stairclimber level 13 20 push-ups Repeat three times and each time on the stairclimber I would … Continue Reading

63 Minute Break

I had a total of 63 minutes in between school and going back to work for ‘Welcome Back to School Night’ so, what does one do?  Squeeze in a 12 mile bike ride with her husband and pray that your students parents don’t notice my ‘glistening’ and smelling like I just rode my bike in … Continue Reading