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First day of school picture and cake.

Yes, I did made Billy take a ‘first day of school’ picture for me from the car. ¬† (Billy….make sure my afterschool snack is ready for me when I get home complete with a crustless pb and J and some fruit snacks). I’m not going to lie, I was not looking forward to going back … Continue Reading

I did it:)

I am a nerd and I am completely convinced that the first day of school sets up what is going to happen the rest of the year. Last night after watching at least 5 episodes of 30 Rock trying to fall asleep at 9:30 when I am used to my 1 a.m. summer bedtime, I … Continue Reading

Large Race or Small Race?

I don’t know why I have been thinking about this lately but like most of my thoughts……they are random and have no reasoning behind them. I was trying to figure out what I like better. ¬†Large races, small races or somewhere in between? The largest race I have done had about 8,000 runners and the … Continue Reading