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Favorite Midnight Snack

I don’t know about you but I like to eat a little somethin’ somethin’ before bed.  I found my favorite midnight snack.   Clearly it is healthy because it is ‘Honey Wheat’ and it is from Trader Joes……right?!?! My FAVORITE PRETZELS dipped into a little melted chocolate from making THESE. PS Mom, I prooved your … Continue Reading

Compression Socks Rock My Socks Off.

Sorry about the title, I had to.  I am easily entertained. You are welcome for putting on a sweatshirt to cover up my sweat, wow…I am selfless. Zensah sent me their most awesome COMPRESSION SOCKS and I am pretty sure I will never leave home without them.   I have been using them on all … Continue Reading


  Laura and I started blogging at the same time and instantly became best blogging friends forever.  Her blog is NEVER boring because she blogs about so many different things and her style of writing, her photography skills and genuine personality will hook you just like it did me:) —————————————————————– Hi HungryRunnerGirl readers!  My name … Continue Reading