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Seven Links.

Yep, I am doing this 2 months after all of you cool bloggers did it but I am from Utah and we don’t usually get the trends for a few years after the East Coast.  Just Kidding Utah, you know I will always love you forever.  Thanks Monica for tagging me to share with you … Continue Reading

Post-Race Food.

Leave it to Hungryrunnergirl to be thinking about food, as I was looking back through old photos of races I noticed some delicious looking food……… Yes, I am ‘that girl’ that continues running after the finish line to get to the food tables as quickly as possible so that I can stuff my face with … Continue Reading


Happy Monday Peeps! The B$ and I are going to be internetless because we are going away for a few days so I have some AMAZING guests posts for you and of course I pre-wrote (I know that isn’t a word) a trillion to posts that will post while we are away because you are … Continue Reading