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SHARKS and family conversations.

Please enjoy the exact dialouge from lunchtime today with my BIL that is 16 years old: Jimmy walks into the kitchen and says, “WOW….Janae, have you been to cullinary arts school?  Your salad looks better than any restaurant I have ever been to.  I NEED to have one of those ASAP.  P.S. Janae, thank you … Continue Reading

Motivational Book

I know I am only eleven years late to the game but I just finally read Lance Armstrong’s book, “It’s Not About the Bike.”  It took me forever to read it because I haven’t really agreed with some of his life choices but I wanted to know his story and a little more about cycling … Continue Reading

Raccoon Eyes and My New Favorite Dessert Ever.

Don’t worry, Billy already told me about my raccoon eyes (real life is worse than the photo) due to always wearing my sunglasses in the sun, after he was pierced by my evil eye of anger he tried to make up for it by saying that it makes my eyes look so big…..supposedily he didn’t … Continue Reading