Pool, Jack in the Box and Car RIdes.

My FAVORITE chicken salad.

IMG 0574

IMG 0579

LOVE that goggle face!

IMG 0581

IMG 0602

She is yelling that I am her favorite aunt in the below picture!

IMG 0606

Late night food for four people.  Worth EVERY BITE!

IMG 7791

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I love that Billy is carrying fast food trays while wearing a shirt and tie. I love your romantic dates! They are exactly like mine haha.

Your nieces are so dang cute!


You guys are so fun, Janae! I was telling my hubby about your blog today. I said, if we are ever in Utah, we are going to go to yogurtland with you guys :)


AHHH ANGELA!!! your comment made my day! PLEASE come visit me in Utah! I will treat you and the hubby to fro-yo and Cafe Rio!!!


Oh, I would love that! We visited Utah in 2008, and no kidding, as soon as we got there my breath was taken away. I told my husband that I didn’t think places as beautiful as this existed in real life. Oh, what road trip! My favorite was Canyonlands National Park. So cool!


Hahaha what a lovely little photo collection to sum up a fun filled day and night! You guys are totally living the dream over in california, all together, it’s wonderful! Your neices are so cute! And love Billy with fast food all dressed up like that…fun times indeed! :-) xyx


hahahaha i love how cute you guys are all dressed up!
and your nieces and nephews make me want to be a kid again like RIGHT NOW pleaseeee


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