Playing in the park.

IMG 7691

This is my, I am really freaked out to do this, face.

IMG 7703

IMG 7696

I almost broke my femur again.

IMG 7711

Yes, he is walking on his toes like that across the entire beam.

IMG 7755I made them wash their hands 10 times before making the dough.

IMG 7764

IMG 0564


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You have your freaked out face on and your sister has her I am in super concentration mode face on! :-) What on earth were you guys trying to do?


Hahaha! Girl, this is too funny :-) Your posts always make me smile and giggle! :-P LOVE it <3 xyx


funfun!! Nice flip on the bar, even though you were scared :)

Your nephew’s toe walking is funny..maybe he should do some gymnastics or ballet ;)


I love the didn’t cut it section!


you and your sister are hilarious i love it!!


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