More Pedro’s Tacos Pictures

Can you believe that guacomole?!?! It is HEAVENLY and they don’t skimp on loading that stuff on….

IMG 0489

Another slurpee picture because I can’t get over the fact that it was free!

IMG 0496

And the burrito of happiness that I had……

IMG 0495

Hope you are having the best TUESDAY!!!!


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Mmmm…that burrito and guacamole look soooo good! As does that big blue beautiful sky! :-D
You know, with his hair a little longer, Billy could totally resemble Pedro in the sign, if you glance past quickly and get him to do a big cheesy smile, lol! ;-) Hehehe. With smiles, the bigger the better, imho. That’s why yours are so awesome. :-D Have an beautiful day, missy! <3 xyx
PS: I love your dress, you look so pretty! :-)


your dress is so so cute!!!!!!!! i want it! k thankssss :)


Holy guacamole FOR REAL! Yummmmmmmmy!

Hooray for free slurpees!


My sis just picked up a bag of 10 avocados for TWO DOLLARS (so crazy) at a fruit stand last night! I’m going to be eating guacamole like ca-razy for the next few days!!!

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