Charlie is a very healthy dog and picks his own apples straight from the tree!

IMG 8206

Foot massages are a very common thing in this household!

IMG 8212

Isn’t that beautiful?!?!?!

IMG 8216

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Yep, the heart is super beautiful and full of bright colours, sweet goodness, sprinkles of goodness, happiness and LOVE, lol! :-D And Charlie is pretty much the cleverest dog ever…and a fruit eater at that? Very impressive for a pup, lol! :-P Ummm…can I come and stay at Hotel In-Laws please? All the best food AND foot massages? Sweeeeet-as, dude! :-D xyx


I guessed the <3 was yours…


I think I am going to miss seeing pictures of Charlie when you have to leave! :( He is just too cute for words!


I KNOW….I might just have to take him home with me!


Love love love the didn’t cut it page! And that cake looks adorable :)

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