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Charlie is a very healthy dog and picks his own apples straight from the tree! Foot massages are a very common thing in this household! Isn’t that beautiful?!?!?!

I Break Everything and German Pancakes.

I try to include some life lessons that I learn here on the blog with you so that you can learn from my mistakes. I am assuming that you will already know this one, but I will share it anyways. My phone has been dropped, cracked, thrown, driven over and still worked…….. but, hanging out … Continue Reading

Not Always Happy

Charlie hates being left out.  He has to be included at all times and even chimes in on the conversation every now and then. Last night we had spaghetti, fruit salad and garlic bread.  Is anything better than a loaf of french bread…..nope, except for the last picture on today’s post. I have wanted to … Continue Reading