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My Balance Beam Routine Video.

After our CELEBRITY SIGHTING we came home to pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse because clearly we are obsessed with Disney. She did not inherit her sharing habits from me.  I do not share my pancakes.  It is a clear rule that Billy knows. After Breakfast (aka pancakes eaten at noon) we went to the park … Continue Reading

Celebrity Sighting at the Gym

Okay, so you might not find it as exciting as I did but guess who teaches at the Gold’s that I go to here in Cali. That would be Billy Banks.  He is the guy that made kickboxing/tae-bo for a workout REALLY popular.  The sis and I had all of his workout videos back in … Continue Reading

Midnight Snacking and New House Guests.

Guess who is here to join the party and stay at my in-laws with us…….. We waited in the front yard with our lawn chairs for them to come and play with us (just like THAT TIME my in-laws did for us). And the best way to welcome our guests… of course. The sis and … Continue Reading

I could really live off of Ice Cream.

Playing basketball with stuffed animals…why not?