Robot dancing and playing outside!

Obviously the extreme talent of being able to do the robot with perfection runs in my family.

IMG 6608

I really am addicted to being outside now that it is finally WARM!!! Utah, remember how you snowed two weeks ago?!?

IMG 6616

I don’t even know what is happening in this picture.

IMG 6619

Science meets ice cream.  I should have come up with this as my science project in elementary school!

IMG 6627

Carmel ice cream with twix.  It is okay to be jealous of that bowl of goodness!

IMG 6630

Hope you are having an amazing TUESDAY!!!

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Oh my gosh, your nephew is so freaking cute!!! I am so jealous of your ice cream. Ask the nitrogen people to make a dairy-free version and then mail it to me? That would be awesome.


Oh my. That robot-dance-in-the-car pic is CLASSIC. Is this real life?

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