Look who I caught reading hungryrunnergirl on his ipad?  Hopefully he learned about how to eat large amounts of sugar/produce and workout like a mad person.

IMG 7120

We tried to tire Charlie out by taking him on a long walk but he still managed to…..


do this…….

IMG 7131

Rest In Peace Mr. Fluffy Dog Doll.


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Hahaha aw RIP…

My BF has hungryrunnergirl on his ipad too! I told him he must keep up to date!


Haha, crazy dogs! :D


Haha o my!!!


Hahaha! Devastation and death. This blog is getting dark, lol! ;-) xyx
ps: so cool that the BIL reads your blog – he clearly has good taste in both reading material and reading utensil (totally the wrong word, but still). You guys have so many Apple gadgets! :-)


awwww poor fluffy dog!

If i had an ipad, I’d be reading hungryrunnergirl 24 hours a day ;-)


I read HRG on my iPhone. ;)


I have seen worse, we had a Black Lab who decided we were gone a little too long one day and got all of the dirty diapers out of the trash and chewed them up! When we walked in it looked like a diaper genie had exploded all over our house!!! Good times!!


Charlie needs a job! No joke. Guinness’s job is to run. And when we’re not running, she works hard at making sure no squirrels attack our deck. It keeps her out of trouble. Before I trained her to do either, she destroyed everything in her sight!


i like it website

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