More pictures of heavenly frosting.

Didn’t cut it is basically the page where you will find the random pictures that are taken every day that don’t make it on the blog. There is no story line or reason for these posts….just me rambling a little bit more about everyday life.

Doesn’t everyone’s cousin hand feed them grapes?  This is completely normal.

IMG 6550

Gotta love dogs.

IMG 6552


And summer is officially here…..

IMG 6567

Those are my cousin’s shoulder blades….very creepy.

IMG 6581

The dog weighs 130 lb and could probably eat me.

IMG 6590

IMG 6593

Th most beautiful aunt and grandma ever.

IMG 6588

What SCREAMS summer to you!?!?!


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I think your little niece could RIDE that dog!! haha What sort of craft is Billy making? Is he making you a present Janae?! Aww that is so very sweet of him :)


haha creepiest shoulder blades EVER!


The smell of sunscreen!!! I feel like I’m at the beach everytime I smell it :)


Costco cake is the best. I am so jealous. Er, and great pics! That wasn’t too awkward.


Oh gosh that meal looks TO DIE FOR. Burgers + corn + fruit + cake + eating outside?! Priceless.

It’s winter here right now so I’m doubly jealous :( I miss sunshine and eating out on my balcony!!


Actually your cousin’s hand configuration is way creepier than the shoulder blades.

I also want to eat every single meal for the rest of my life on that balcony.
If we could move the Utah scenery down here to Florida I may be able to arrange that.



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