Monday June 6th Running You Rock My Head Off.

I am kind of obsessed.  I may only have gone 3 miles but that runner’s high has made me feel like a million bucks even though I haven’t showered yet and have mascara running down my face from being i a hot car all day.

1 Mile Run: 9:00

.5 Mile Walk

1 Mile Run: 8:48

.5 Mile Walk

1 Mile Run: 8:30

Doc said I can do whatever pace feels best as long as I don’t go under an 8 minute mile.

45 minutes on the elliptical while reading.  I love reading during the elliptical….it makes the time fly by.

I thought about doing push-ups but realized I was supposed to be to school in 20 minutes so I decided to save my arm strength for a pump class tomorrow!


What was YOUR WORKOUT!?!?!

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you rock! enjoy the high. weeeee!!!


awesome, It seems like you’re doing great getting back into running! By they way, I can’t believe you added two more places to update your blog daily. I loooove you blog, but I don’t have time for this! I hope I don’t get in trouble at work sneaking peeks at your blog


and i KNOW you were smiling the whole time!


It is so awesome you can start jogging a bit now – just listen to the doc and take it easy!! I also thoroughly enjoy reading cheesy mags on the elliptical (more so because there are a lot of pics and big words and I have trouble reading smaller print of real books) because the time flies by!

3.8 mile run (29 minutes) (was planning on a 5 mile, but I got a text to join a friend, so I let him drive the mileage/pace)

50 push-ups, 200 crunches, arm stuff on Bosu Ball


I love your blog and read it everyday!!! I am starting to get into running but I feel like my mile pace is lacking I want to get faster what are your suggestions?


I think I should probably take your doctor’s advice. I will be feeling fine until I try to push it below an 8 minute mile, and then I start to REALLY feel trouble coming on. It’s tough to hold yourself back, don’t you think? I think it’s way harder than pushing myself faster.

3 miles! Before you know it, you are going to be running 13, and then 23…


Hoping leaving comments will keep me a little more accountable for workouts and healthy eating … we shall see. :)

Monday – 2 miles run with jogging with stroller with 3 year old bowling ball (I mean toddler) … chase said bowling ball at pool for 1 hour … 2 miles run home
Strength exercises for back/legs/abs

Tuesday – 45 Minute Circuit Training thanks to


Woohoo! Go Janae! Go Janae! Get it girl!


okay. here is where i get jealous. you have been not running for a few months and your second (or is it third??) week back you are already running 3 miles at an 8-9 min. mile. HOW DO YOU DO IT?? serious. maybe i am just not built to run? it has been a stretch from to do a 9-10 min. mile and that is for 1-2 miles and then i am spent. i guess i could maybe go longer, but i get BORED! i like the treadmill because i can watch my pace and watch TV! ha. and i for some reason slow down outside. anyway. my point is i’m just bored after 2 miles. even when i have rockin music and the bachelorette on. i think i get bored so i think i’m tired. no, i really AM tired, but i’m not so tired i could die. anyway. maybe i just need to become you so i can be a master runner. you are the!!


Thanks, I’ve recently been searching for details about this topic for ages and yours is the best I’ve located so far.

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