Decisions and Drool-Worthy.

I drool over beautiful blackberries, strawberries, carrots, cantaloupe, tomatoes, pickles, tuna, cottage cheese salad creations (no need to tease me about this crazy combination because I have already heard how weird I am from my in-laws).

IMG 7088

And Billy drools over black metal.  I don’t know what he sees in that.

IMG 7098

Really rough day of sitting at the pool and people watching.   Hey, look who shaved for the first time this summer.  Billy promised me Yogurtland if I did.

IMG 7100

I need your help.  I have narrowed it down to two pairs of Oakley’s but need your vote on which one I should get.  I am ordering them tonight so let me know.

2 reasons I am not smiling:  I felt incredibly awkward and when I smile with sunglasses on my cheeks push them up so far that you can see my eyeballs.


IMG 7093


IMG 7094

I promise, for your sake, I will wash my hair tomorrow.  Or get a haircut.  Or just shave my head and start over.


What’s your vote?!?! Billy and I literally couldn’t decide so help a sista out.  This is important considering they cost as much as my teacher’s monthly paycheck.

Do you like going to the pool and just laying out or do you get too bored and hot to do that?

-I could do it all day long but many people I know can only handle it for an hour or two.

Since I showed you a picture of Billy’s dream car…what is YOUR dream car?

-Mine is a white Range Rover complete with tv’s, a built in refrigerator, and a hot chocolate dispensar.  Plus, the seats have to have built in buns massagers.

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I love A!! I think it looks way good on you.

If I plan on being out there for a while I pack the goods: reading material, food, sunscreen, musica! everyone makes fun of me but they end up indulging in my stuff anyways.

I just want a BMW x 5 – – thats possible some day. .


Oooo definitely ‘B’- super cute!


A!!!! do it! you look like a bad ass


Go with B!!!!!!

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