Boy’s version of heaven.

The meat counter at Costco.  Gotta get some use out of the Father’s Day grill…..

IMG 7029

My version of heaven……any store that offers free samples.

IMG 7027

Another heavenly place for Billy…….a hotdog and soda for $1.50.

IMG 7032

And Charlie’s version of heaven……whenever we get home…..the dog goes CRAZY and get’s SO excited!!!

IMG 7040


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Aaah :-) you too Janae! Have a beautiful day! One of my versions of heaven is chillin’ out reading your blog, and many more…who needs books eh?! ;-) xyx


My dog gets so excited when my husband comes home that she pees a little…
Love your blog!


HEY KATIE!!! Thank you so much for your comment…you made my day!! HA my old dog used to pee too when we got home:)


haha love it! My version of heaven…laying out on the rooftop while reading, writing and drinking a DD Iced Coffee. And I’m off to just that ;-) I mentioned you in Saturday’s post – hope I did you justice!!


With free samples and the meat counter, Costco covers you and Billy!!
Hope you are having a beautiful Calif day with your family and CONGRATS on our 11 miles yesterday!!! So happy for you, negative splits and all, wow!
My own mini-accomplishments of the week- my first mile run on Friday post-pelvic stress fracture, yippee!!! We celebrated with Yogurtland in Berkeley :)


AHHHH HEATHER!!! Thank you so so much for your comment…you made my day!! I AM SMILING SO SO BIG BECAUSE I AM SO SO HAPPY that you had your first mile run after your injury…..great way to celebrate!!! I AM THRILLED FOR YOU!!! Look at us coming back!


Is Charlie a border collie? My dog is half border collie and she does a dance when anyone gets home. She is so excited she can’t walk up to us because she dancing so hard! It’s hilarious. I love my dog/running partner!!!


LOVE Costco!!! My bosses dog gets really excited when I come over.. we are best friends… he’s da best!!
Hope you had a lovely dayy!! As always your blog is one of my favorite moments in the day!!! (I seriously check every few hours… just in case)


I love your belt! Free samples are the best! Leggings for life. Love it.


i like it website

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