Billy almost fell off a cliff.

I like to play it safe and ride my bike on the sidewalk, Billy on the other hand lives on the wild side.

IMG 7056

Why don’t I get a personal hose servant while I sit in the kiddie pool after a long run.

IMG 7058

He looks sad but I promise he was just very relaxed!

IMG 7064

What!?!?! I take picture of other things than food?

IMG 7065

Okay, there is the food again…..beautiful right:)

IMG 7073


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I love all these photos – I adore taking pictures of flowers too, they are so beautiful and fresh and intricate and delicate and vibrant and happiness inducing, lol! <3 And those asparagus? Yum. Charlie is so CUTE! :-D It's so hot and muggy here right now – thunderstorm's a comin' – that I could really do with a personal hose servant too…maybe you should set up a waiting list?! :-) xyx


YUMMY! That asparagus looks so delicious!


Oh my stars. Words cannot express how much I need 815 tonnes of that asparagus in my belly.


Love the didn’t cut it section! You are too funny :)


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