Bike Riding, Pizza and Dogs Continued.

It is completely normal to practice yoga in the front yard.

Anyone wanna give me a free haircut…..the hair is looking a little damaged.

IMG 6928

Billy is in charge of holding all of our water bottles.

IMG 6934

Seriously, Charlie does not know how important the blog is to me and refuses to smile for photos.

IMG 6938

I guess pushing your elbows up to the sky makes you faster.

IMG 6956

Wait, you don’t still use sidewalk chalk to draw in the road?

IMG 6962

Vanilla with a lb of fruit, chocolate chips and white chocolate chips.

IMG 6965

Billy get’s very serious about his pizza making.

IMG 6978


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I love grilling the whole wheat pizza crust from Trader Joes! It’s so good! I’m super jealous of your Yogurtland trips though, we don’t have one out here in Boston and it looks so so good!!!


I wouldn’t be able to use that goat cheese, because I would have eaten it all before it made it to the pizza.


That yogurt looks so good! White chocolate with vanilla forzen yogurt must be wonderful! Please tell Yogurtland to come to England for me! Oh, and yay for the yoga! :-D xyx


yumm i LOVE trader joe’s pizza dough!
pizza on the grill! such a good idea i am gonna have to try it!


happy friday!!!!! i want to live in workout clothes all day and eat ice cream piled with tons of fruit, candy and marshmellows!! :)


Grilled pizza is my favorite kind!! Looks like an awesome active day nice work!


Hahahah :D I love all of your ‘didn’t cut it’s’!
& that is awesome that you have a water bottle holder ;)


I actually still use sidewalk chalk, thank you very much. I also just got into colored bubbles. You might be interested in using them while outside playing with chalk.


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